How To Control Anger Easily | 7 Effective Ways To Control Your Anger

How to Control Anger Easily:

Do you get angry and speak bad words to anyone?  Have you also hurt your loved ones by saying anything in anger?  Or has it spoiled your work because of anger?

Anger is harmful to health, we all know this, but when anger comes, where do we think about it?  It is said that an angry human's brain stops working. Because excessive anger or short tempare increases our blood pressure, increases the problem of heart and also worsens the relationship with our loves and also has negative effects in life.

It is natural for anyone to get angry, but due to this anger you often end up losing yourself.  In this situation, it is important to control anger. And to tell you about how to control your anger, today I will tell you some effective techniques and exercises with the help of which you can control your anger easily. So let's read the post further.

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Do We Get Angry With Our Choice?

how to control anger.?

Many people say that anger cannot be controlled. Is anger a deterrent?  When it comes, it comes. Then it is not seen who is Elder and who has grown.

But reality, you see all. You only get angry at someone who is younger than you or weaker than you. Show anger at your boss or show anger at a wrestler or powerful person.

We only get angry at a person weaker or younger than ourselves. We do not get angry with any powerful person or our boss. No matter how much he mistreats us, but we never treat him with anger.

Because we know that we will be at a loss here. Then it does not mean that we get angry at someone according to our choice. So we must remember that anger is our choice.

I have given many tricks and effective ways to control anger, so that you can reduce your anger to a great extent. But before that I will request you to read this story.  Because you will learn so much from this story that you can never forget.

how to control anger.?

There was a boy who was very angry and lost his temper in anger. One day the boy's father gave him a bag full of 1 pins and said that whenever you get angry and lose your temper, you have to nail a fort outside the house.

The very next day the boy stuck 30 pins on that wall. He became very upset and after several weeks that boy had overcome his anger. And the number of pins in that wooden wall had also started to decrease considerably.

The boy did not take much time to understand this and it became easier to control his anger than to stuck a nail on the wood wall.  And one day it came that the boy did not get angry even once.

He felt very proud of himself and told this to his father. After listening to his son, the father was very happy and said to him that on the day you will not get angry, take a nail out of that wooden wall. After several weeks, the day had finally come when the boy took all the nails from the wooden wall.

The boy's father was very happy and took his son's hand and took him to the wooden wall, the boy's father smiled at him and said that you have done a great job. But watch the holes that have been made on this wooden wall. It can never last like before.

The boy was listening attentively to the father. The father said again that whatever you say in anger, he leaves pucca and temporary wounds that can never last, and it does not matter how many times you apologize for the wound. Scars are always the same.

What you can learn from this story, you must have already known, let us know how we can easily control our anger.

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7 Effective Ways To Control Anger

1. Take A Long Breath

how to control anger.?

Whenever a person hurts us or talks with anger, we get angry easily and this is common, because it is human nature to react to something or to express our feelings.

But when someone talks to us with anger, we get angry easily and our mind gets very hot at that time.  Then our mind becomes disturbed and reduces our thinking power, forcing us to think with anger, by which we tell someone something, which later hurts us and cracks in the relationship.

In that case you have to close your eyes and take a long breathe, and keep on remembering your God. You might not believe it but when you do this, your mind will start to calm down and gradually you will get peace from inside.

If I tell the truth, it is very beneficial because whenever I get angry, that is how I stop my anger. At first it is very difficult, but when we keep doing like this, our anger reduces to a great extent and the next day we realize that you have done a very good job by stopping the anger at that time.

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2. 3 Seconds Rule

Scientific research has shown that the sensation generated due to short temper is naturally stable for 2.5 seconds. That is, the annoying feeling before the anger comes out is for 2.5 seconds. If we react within this time, then that feeling regenerates again and again and the anger starts getting even more. But if we do not react at all and cross that 2.5 seconds, then that sensation decreases, and we get back control over ourselves.

So whenever you get that sensation, then you have to stop yourself for 3 seconds, for this you can also count down from 10 to 1. Or you can even imagine it by looking at the sky at that time. Its main purpose is that in that 3 seconds you do not react any kind by crosing that time. This technique will help you to control your anger to a great extent.

3. Go To a Secluded Place

Different people show their anger in different ways. Some people tear off their clothes, some pick up their phones and slam it on the ground.  Some break household items, and some beat up members of the household.

All these methods are negative.  Many people leave immediately when they get angry and go somewhere in solitude and spend a few moments with yourself. Many people adopt this tactic. It is very effective.

4. Listen Music

how to control anger.?

Many people listen to their favorite song Music when they get angry.  This method is called "music therapy".  This tip is also very good. This way you can easily control your anger. Psychiatrists also offer this type of counseling. The more music you give, the more it calms your mind.  Due to which you get a great feeling and you get refreshed again.

5. Take a Breake

Taking a break along with work is very important. Because if there is no success in the work, then often a man starts getting angry, he becomes irritable on everything. So whenever you are doing some work, take a little break in the middle, it will give you new energy and you can do that work better in cold mind.  Apart from this, you should not focus on your work somewhere, roam or take a walk in the cool air in the morning and evening.

6. Always Laugh

Laughing from the heart can also help in overcoming your stress and anger.  It is said that more than half of the diseases are eradicated only when a man knows to laugh. No matter how big your problems are, you don't have to lose courage. Just think that everything will be correct in due course of time.  Combat the problem firmly.

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Anger is a reactionary mental impulse.  This can be controlled by practicing yoga. Regular yoga reduces stress problem to a great extent.  In such a situation, the possibility of anger also remains largely under control.  There are some yogas in yoga science that can liberate you from anger.

1. Meditation - The most effective yoga for anger control is meditation.  For this, sit in a comfortable posture and close your eyes and take a deep breath.  Feel that the breath is passing through the nostrils of your nose to your lungs.  Repeat this process about 9-10 times.  Performing this asana regularly helps to calm anger.

2. Silence Practice - Silence practice is also a good solution to calm anger.  For this you should remain absolutely silent for about 6-7 minutes in a day.  During this time you should not even talk to yourself.  This is a very effective asana to keep your mind calm.

Final Words :

In anger, a person should work with his conscience and intelligence, lest he call anyone bad by getting excited. During anger, a person's mind is not under his control and he says something that hurts the person of the front and later he has to pay due to his anger, and he also loses his selfrespect. Anger has been called the greatest enemy of man and in Bhagwat Geeta it is also called the gate of the hell.

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