Mystery And Secrets of Pyramids And Tutankhamen

Mystery And Secrets of Pyramids:

Whenever the question arises, are present people really advanced and more intelligent than people living in ancient times, then before answering this question, we have to think ancient collections that have been made for thousands of years ago, which is called Great Pyramid.

And if we are more intelligent than those people of that time, then why did the engineers and researchers of today's time, not tell what was the main reason to make great pyarimid, and how it was made?

Egyptian pyramids and the ancient Egyptian civilization and their artwork associated with them all still remains an unsuspecting problem for scientist. The secrets of which they are resolved are equally confused.

Many theories have been reported about the pyramid, but how it was actually made, till date it has no definitive information and convincing evidence available.

Well there are many secrets about the Egyptian pyramid, and today I'm going to tell you some mysteries related to the Pyramid, which you hardly know about it.

Why Was The Egyptian Pyramid Built?

The people of ancient Egypt believed that after death the person goes to another world, and therefore, clothes, jewelry, food items and hats were buried with them. And the most surprising thing was that, along with their dead bodies, their servants and slaves were buried alive.

Scientists believe that the purpose of making such a pyramid was not just to bury the dead body, but due to many other reasons, such pyaramid was built in many places of the earth.

But the thing to think about is that, why so many pyramids were built together at one time, this mystery is still unansolved today.

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How Pyramid Was Build?

This pyramid was built about 5000 years ago, and among these, the Pyramid of Giza is the highest and its height is 450 ft. To build this pyramid, 200,000,000 laborers have worked for 23 years.

In order to create the Great Pyramid of Giza, 23 lakh poll stones have been used, out of which each one weighs 2 to 30 tons.

The outer stones of the pyramid have been built so efficiently that you can not placed even a single bread in their joints. It has been reported by scientific experiments that an extraordinary radiation is constantly working inside the pyramid, which affects both living and non-living things, the scientists call it Pyramid Power.

Regarding these pyramids, this question often arises that at that time how could these people reached such a height without having any advanced tools and modern machines, with such big and heavy stones?

It is believed that the people of Egypt were far ahead of their time in science and technology. Some thinkers say that the knowledge of the formation of the pyramid got them from the aliens. Because building such a huge and complex structure was a big thing in itself at that time.

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Secrets of Tutankhamen

The father of Tutankhamen was named Pharaoh Akhenaten, who was then Pharaoh of Egypt in that period. The king of Egypt is called Pharaoh. It is believed that Tutankhamen was made king only at the age of 9 years, and after becoming the king, Tutankamun got married with his stepsister Aksunaman.

Their two dead children were born, one of them died in a uterus in 5 months and died in 9 months. Let me tell you that all this information get from his mummy who was found on searching.

Tutankhamen went against his father and changed many rules. He had first built the rule of worshiping Lord Chandra by stopping the worship of Sun God, and he had rectified the impaired relation from the states by his father.

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Death of Tutankhamen

Tutankhamen's death was a mysterious way at the age of 19.  In 1922, the team of British archaeologist Howard Carter and Lord Corner discovered Tomatankamen's mummy.

Many of his precious jewels, diamond gems and many other items were found near his mother and his face was covered with gold mask.  But the question arises, how did he suddenly die?

From scientific investigations it was revealed that his stomach was out.  Because of his spinal cord, his waist was teddy and his feet were cramped.  From DNA investigation by Dr., it has been found that his death was due to malaria.

Curse of Tutankhamen

According to ancient documents, many scientists and experts believe that the people of Mishra believed that Tutankhamen was not a human but a god, and the people of Mishra worshiped him like a god.  And probably because of his death like this, his dead body was buried in a special way, so that no one could see it.

It is said that the team of Howard Kartan, who excavated the Tomb of Tutankhakhan, had become a victim of curse of Tutankhamen. Many years later he had taken out the Tutankamun's tomb, but it is said that a curse was written on him, "Those who will break the peace of the king will die."

It was so true in this and how much lies, I do not know. But they say that the members of the investigating team died in a natural and unnatural manner. And gradually, 30 people associated with this project were killed in total and the reason for this was being told to the curse of Tutankhamen.

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What Happened With The Explorers of Tutankhamun's Mummy

Though many consider this to be superstition, but in 1986, Karauli Stand Philip tried to give a scientific example. Karauli found that in the ancient times the things used to seal the body of Tutankhamun in ancient times, they were all rottened by passing time.

And disease like fungus and bacteria were spread from it, and perhaps the death of people from Tumtankhan's entrance to the tomb was caused due to the deadly diseases.

By the way, the Egyptians people have a secret in their own right, because they had many high science and technology information, and had accurate information about the solar system, and they had their own calendar as well.

Ancient Egyptians also invented many inventions, from which, they used to spend their normal lives, such as medicines, cosmetic, toothbrushes, and then plowes were used to work in the fields and they also invented paper. By the way, Egypt and Egyptians are still an unsolved puzzle, whose secret is still to be solved.

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