What is Humanity? Why Humanity Is So Important?

What is Humanity:

What is Humanity?

If there is any one of the supreme creatures in this earth, then it is human.  Because the qualities in it are different, and higher than all the other creatures. And that's why we all are different from other creatures.

We call ourselves human, but do we have some quality of humanity? And do we understand the word of Humanity? 

In today's times, people consider each other as their enemies and they humiliate each other in the race to move forward, and do bad deed like rape, murder, and seeing this, an animal would also closed its eyes with shame.

But despite all these, even today, humanity is alive and even today, due to those people, we can call ourselves human beings. Now let's take a step forward to know the deep meaning of humanity.

What is Humanity?

● Seeing a beggar or hungry person, the kindness which awakens in your heart, and with that compassion, which person you feed or donate something, that mercy towards him is called humanity.

● By seeing atrocities against someone, when you stand against that tyrant and help the weak person, the sympathy that you have for him is called Humanity.

● At the time of someone's misery, if you stay with him and encourage him and transform his misery into happiness, then that is called humanity.

There is no religion greater than humanity, and nothing can be greater than this. Ask yourself one thing, what will happen if humanity disappears from within the human in this world. Then no one will help one another. No human will show sympathy for each other's grief and all humans will start behaving like animals.

That is why it is most important to human beings, that whenever they get the time, then they help others and always keep love for others in your heart.

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Why Humanity Is So Important?

Just as no human can survive without oxyzen and food, no human can live without humanity in this world. The basic purpose of all the religions present in the world is to destroy the evil within the human being, and to awaken the inner humanity.

But the irony is that in the name of religion, people forget their original nature, which is humanity. As a result, by becoming hard-pressed towards their religion and beliefs, they begin to negate other religions.

Therefore, it is necessary for human beings that they should rise above all religions and treat them only as human beings, because humanity is the person's knowledge, and in which there is no humanity, he has no right to call himself a human.

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Is Humanity Still Alive?

Is Humanity Still Alive?

In such a case, there must have been such an incident in every person's life, from the incident that seems to us that there is no such thing as humanity in this world. But in this life we ​​also meet such people, from seeing them it seems that good and true people are still alive.

Every single day and every moment, many person helps each other and abides by the duty of humanity. There are far better people than the bad people in the world, and every day someone else helps each other and in this way they elevate the importance of humanity.

Sometimes we feel that we have nothing to give to others. Even though we have a lot of things from the other, we feel that we can not help others in any situation. But the truth is that whenever we have a desire in our mind, and want to serve others or do some work for the benefit of others, it can not happen, that we do not have anything to give to them.

The biggest example of this is that beggar, who gave the introduction of humanity through hunger for the whole day. The introduction of humanity of that begger will know you from this story.

Humanity Of A Begger

There was a beggar who lived near the temple, and whenever he went out to beg, he first went to the temple and after the Lord's Darshan, he go for a begging, and whatever he got on that day, he used to eat that food.

He used to go to the temple of God every morning, and only after seeing God, he used to go for a begging, and whatever he got from him, he would have survived. One day all the people in the temple stood in line for the Lord's vision and in that line the beggar stood also. But whenever his number came, he gave his line to the other and he stood behind.

It was evening, but the beggar's number still did not come. The priest of the temple knew him well and even knew that he would not eat anything until he came to see God, he noticed what he was doing. In this manner he will never be able to come inside the temple.The priest went to the beggar and said to him, "What are you doing?

The beggar said with great humility that I have nothing to give to others, so I am giving my number to others. I have nothing other than numbers to give to those who are feeding me the whole life.

What if I stay hungry for one day, but I can give them my number to them. We get this education from this story, whether we are poor or rich, we have something or something to offer to every person or someone.

Religion of Humanity (A Short Story)

Religion of Humanity

One day a saint came to take a bath along the river. There a boy was already bathing there. Suddenly a scorpion fell on that boy's body. The boy was very scared and shook his body and separated that scorpion.

Before the scorpion was immersed in the river, the saint lifted that scorpion in his hand to save it. But because of his aggressive nature, that scorpion cut bite the hands of Sadhu Maharaj.

The saint became distracted and the scorpion slipped out of his hand and fell into the river. After falling into the water, the scorpion started drowning. Seeing the scorpion drowning in the water, the heart of the saint was stirred and he took that scorpion from the water and took it in his hand.

But scorpion was aggressive by its nature, so when the saint picked him up in his hands, then he bite again in the hands of that saint. Then the saint is distracted and the scorpion fell into the water and started drowning. After seeing the drowning scorpion, the saint got pity and then he lifted  that scorpion again in his hand.

When saint raised the scorpion, he bite in his hand and he would fall into the water again and a lot of time had passed like this. The boy taking bath was seriously looking at this incident from the beginning.

Curiously, the boy asked the monk that " You saving this scorpion and this scorpion is bitting you. Why do not you leave it?  Saint replied with great humility: Son, it is bitting me because it is his nature and I am saving it because it is my duty. When it is not changing its nature by being an animal, how can I change my duty and my nature as a human being?

Moral :

● No matter how big the trouble is, the person should never forget his humanity.

 ● If someone is interfering in your life then it is not necessary that he is thinking bad for you, some interference is also done for your wellbeing.

Therefore, only give importance of humanity above all religions, because nothing bigger than that, and if you find this post good, then do not forget to share it with your friends.

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