Meditation Techniques For Beginners (2 Effective and Easy Techniques)

Meditation Techniques:

Do you want to know the basic, effective and simple techniques of meditation. If yes then you should definitely read this post, where I have told you 2 simple techniques about meditation. From these techniques of meditation, you will get peace, happiness, sharp mind and unimaginable benefits, which you can not even imagine.

Meditation is a thing that can change your life. The way you look at the world, the things which are in your heart, meditation is an activity that will change it over. This will clear your mind, increase your brain, and make you a better person.

In today's time, there are many courses and many mobile apps that teach us meditation.  Someone says that meditation should be done in this manner, and the other tells other methods.

But meditation is such a thing that you can do anywhere, it all depends on you. You can comfortably meditate on your according, where you feel comfortable.
You do not need any kind of course for this, it depends only on you.

What is Meditation

Meditation Techniques For Begineers

Meditation is such a thing where you are switch off from your world. There are many problems in many people's lives. There is a problem of someone's examination and the problem of someone's office and someone else's family has the tension.

But meditation is such a thing that you can do every day and you can swtich off from every problem. If you want to know about meditation deeply, then you must read this post (Definition of Meditation), where I have explained in detail about meditation.

Now let us know that there are two simple and easy techniques for meditation, so that anyone can do meditation easily.

Two Simple and Effective Techniques For Meditation

1. Concentrate on Your Breath

First of all, know that we do not have to meditate, we have to give attention. So whenever we pay attention to our breath, then it is important for us to have patience. In the beginning, calm all the movements of the body, and observe the outside voices.

Remember: Always keep your back straight while meditation and meditate on such a place where the fresh air comes inside your room or place.

Now inspect the events happening around you and be always aware. Then slowly concentrate the mind inward and ignore the activities of thoughts quietly. With a slight effort to pay attention, our mind and heart will start to calm down. It is important to be silent in the time of meditation. As you keep concentrating, you will be not hear about all the sounds around you.

Now take a long breath and start focusing on the movement of breath, how our breath goes from the outside to the inside, and how the breath enters outside to inside. By doing this you will see as you keep focusing on breath, your mind starts to relax.

It may be that in the first three or four days of the beginning you could not synergize with your breath, but after practicing for a few days you can do it easily.

In this way you must do 30 days, and after 30 days, change it from 5 minutes to 10 or 15 minutes for the next month. And if you continually increase your time with concentration to meditation, then in the next 3 months you will feel a lot of changes in yourself.

2. Concentrate on Music or Sound

Music is a way that gives a different kind of happiness to a person. When I started meditation, I did not know much about Meditation and at that time I used to listen to binaural music by putting headphones in the ear. But you probably will not believe that after listening to binaural music 15 to 20 minutes, I had a different feeling.

After listening to such music for 2 months, my concentration and mine retention power had increased significantly. If you want to control your mind completely and want a different kind of peace, then definitely do this meditation. 

Stress Relief Meditation Music

Obstacles That Coming While Meditation

The biggest obstacle in meditation is that of the mind. Our mind finds hundreds of excuses to not do any work. Ever says that we have to go to the market and sometimes say our body is no longer okay. 

And likewise our mind finds thousands of excuses to not meditate. But if our intention is true then we can not listen to the mind and listen to what we have decide.

Now the second hurdle to meditation is our thoughts. Whatever thoughts we have in mind, all these thoughts keep coming to us like flies. So how to get rid of this?

If we cleans a room that has been closed for years, then the entire room will be cover with dust and soil. And after a little bit of time, the dust will slowly set down on the ground.  In the same way also happens with our mind. 

Whenever we try to focus our attention by turning our closed eyes, all the thoughts we have in our mind keep coming in before us. And after some time, it starts to calm like that dust.

Therefore, whatever thoughts come into your mind, you do not need to panic. You concentrate only on your breath and meditate everyday.

#Consistency is Key

Meditation Techniques For Begineers

To get the benefits from meditation, you have to do meditation consistent. This means you must do meditation every day. If you go to gym two or three times a week, then you will not get any benefit from it. In the same way you will not get any benefit from meditation in one or two days.

All of us know that it is very difficult for someone to start a habit. But if you made a habit then this habit can change your life. I would recommend to you that if possible, you mediate for at least 10 or 15 minutes in day.

Most people can not keep the meditation continuously because after two or three days they do not see any difference, and for this reason they leave meditation in the middle. But the truth is that meditation does not work in this way. Meditation is a very powerful, you will not get the benefit quickly.

You will have to be very patient to get the benefits of meditation and that benefit will be very insider. But if you do meditation every day, then one day will come, you will find yourself in a new form and at that time you will see a different change.

But do not be too frustrated while meditate, and do not make your mood irritable after sitting for 20 minutes. As long as you bring your focus back into your breath, you will continue to progress. Maybe initially you could focus up to 5 seconds and you get distracted back.

But after practicing for a few days you will learn to meditate. The most beneficial thing is that till you keep meditation and after doing some years and months, that state of mind which you will get from meditation, and it will always be on a one step distance from you.

If you feel a lot of stress in any situation, you only have to take a long breath and then you will reach that state of mind and you will relax, and then you will be able to use the unlimited creativity of this world.

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