How Sun Will End | Know What Will Happen After Five Billion Years

How Sun Will End:

How Sun Will End:

Our sun, which is moving towards completing 5 billion years of life, according to the scientists, the fuel that is inside the sun will take approximately five and a half billion years to finish.

Perhaps this may all be known to you, but do you know what will happen to the rest of the planets and satellites in the solar system if our sun is over?

Sun is the only major energy center of our solar system and it will be very interesting to know what will happen to our solar system if the sun ends. So let's know in today's post, but before that let's know how the sun was formed.

How Our Sun Formed

The Sun was formed around 4.5 billion years ago from today. Thousands of light-years away, due to a large part of the cloud of large oricany molecular gas, our entire solar system was composed. The name of this theory that exposes the Sun and the Solar System is Nebular Theory.

According to this theory, more than one supernova will have had in the cloud of that giant gas.  Because of this, due to the collapse of a part of the cloud of that enlarged gas, its raw material present in that cloud was separated from it.

Slowly, some part of the gas cloud started to rotate due to motion and pressure, and it started getting hot with speed.  Because of speed and rotation, an extended part of it was formed in the center, and the other part of it started revolves around its circle.

It took millions of years for the entire event to happen. And after passing a lot of time slowly the temparature broke down and the middle portion of the hidrozen and helium came into existence as our sun, and our earth and other planets were born from the raw materials roaming around it. In this way, planets and satellites also make our solar system. Let's know how the sun will be destroyed.

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How Sun Will End

How Sun Will End:

Our sun, born about 4.5 billion years ago, transfers 6570 million tons of hryrozen every second to 6530 million helium.

Approximately 40 million hydrogen is not converted to helium, but instead helium becomes converted into energy, and this energy spreads around in space. Which we use in infinite quantities, that is, the energy coming out of the sun comes on our earth and that is why life goes on earth.

For your information, let me tell you that the outer surface of our Sun is corona which is more than millions times warmer than the inside core of the Sun.  Fusion reaction in the Sun and gravity keep each other balanced.  So till today our sun is balanced.

But how long will it last?  As we all know that the death of the thing that is born is also sure. Similarly, the sun will last for about 5 billion years and then the hydrogen inside it will end.

Because of this, the temperature inside the sun will reach its limit and it will start increasing gradually, and then it will be 100 times larger than its size.  If a star starts raising this way, then it is called Red Giant.

And our sun will also be such a red giant one day and in the same way the sun will die, but it will not end completely, but it will remain for some billion years, and along with some of the other planets will also be devastated.

But what will happen after the sun ends? Please read the points below to know about it.

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What Will Happen When The Sun End

After about 5 billion years, after the end of the fuel, when the sun will be in its last time it will become much brighter than it is today. With this, the size of the sun will also increase manifold.

Once all the sun's fuel is finished, it will pass on the last stop of its life, then its size will grow so much that it will take the Buddha and Venus in its lap and at that time its temperature ranges from 2000 to 3000 degrees Celsius will reach.

Although the temperature of the sun is very low at present today. But when it is on the verge of its destruction, it will burn the planets and all the planets around its from its heat.

When the sun has its last time and it will come in its vast form then the gravitional pools of the Earth and the rest of the planet will become weak. By which they will all move away from their orbit, but their walking away from the sun can not save them.

As the sun will increase its size, , all the living creatures on earth will be burnt due to the sun's heat. But the earth will not be destroyed but all the creatures and animals within it will burn.

Our sun will end, but this end will not end the sun forever. When the sun begins to completely calm down with its formidable form, it will turn into a white star, which will be shaped like the size of our earth.

At that time the energy of the sun will be very low and in spite of less energy, its life will continue as a white sapling star for several billion years, until it will not be completely changed to a black sapling star i.e. a black dwarf.

On becoming the Red Demon of the Sun, the possibility of developing life on the other side of the solar system will be greatly increased.

On the moon of Jupiter and Saturn, there will be such situations as if the situation is on earth today. There are still snow frozen on many moons like Europa and its like, which is not suitable for life.

But when the Sun will grow its size by becoming a red giant, then it would be possible to increase the heat on the Europa and the second moon, and further, the possibility of life on this moon will increase.

These Two Galaxies Will Also be Destroyed With The Sun

When the sun is destroyed then this phenomenon will not be the only historical event in the universe.A ccording to scientists, two galaxies, "Andromeda and Milky Way" will collide at the time.

Both of these galaxies are heading towards one another at a speed of 4 million kilometers per hour, who will collide with each other one day. Scientists say that when our sun becomes a red demon, only then the two galaxies will collide in the surrounding time.

Although collision between these two galaxies will likely reduce the possibility of collision between the stars in them. Because the distance between them is so much that even though the two galaxies are merged together, it is impossible to collide with the stars of these two galexies.

But by colliding between these two galixies, due to the friction between the gases present in them, huge amounts of energy will be free and that friction of these gases will lead to new stars.

What If The Sun Disappears

Have you ever imagined what would happen if the sun disappeared in today's time? Scientists have speculated that if in today's time the sun disappears then nobody will be able to survive in the earth; and apart from this the solar system will be completely scattered.

Scientists have also told that if the sun disappears then all the creatures of our earth will be destroyed in a few days, and gradually the surface of the earth will gradually cool down and the earth will be completely transformed into ice.

Imagine if such a thing happens, then no one will survive on our planet and it shows how important the sun is to us.
And that is why in many religions, the sun is worshiped as God.

Some Interesting Information About Stars

● An interesting thing in the birth of stars is that the stars are always born twins. A single star is never born. They are formed in groups of three and two, but later the stars separate from their group. Stars move away from their class, and builds their own solar family. Something similar happened with the Sun too.

● The time taken for the birth of any star is of the millions of years.  A star gives its light till the year, but one day it loses its light. The energy of that star gets over and many stars become black holes.

● But there is also a fact that when the galaxy had been created then the new stars would have been born very much, scientists said that process is called star bust.

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