Do You Know About These 10 Facts of Jagannath Temple in Puri

Puri Jagannath Temple Facts

Puri Jagannath Temple Facts

Girdhari, Murlidhar, Kanhaiyaa and Jagannath, all the names that belong to Lord God, more than that is his miracle. After the birth of Lord Bishnu's incarnation "Shrikrishna", the continuation of his miracles continued. In Hindu religion, there are such miracle of God, who are surprised by the devotees.

Well, shrine dedicated to Krishna is everywhere in the world, but the Jagannath temple of puri is such a holy place, the miracle secret associated with it is enough to surprise you.

The Jagannath temple of Puri is situated on the coastal river of the state of Orissa, which is dedicated to Lord Jagannath. The meaning of the word Jagannath is the lord of the world and his city is called Jaggaanath puri or the puri. Let's know today some unique facts about the Jagannath temple of Puri.

Jagannath Temple Facts

Puri Jagannath Temple Facts

1. Flag Waves Opposite The Wind

Waving flag over the Jagannath temple of Puri is a unique fact. This flag waves on the opposite direction of the wind.  That is, if the wind is flowing east from west then this flag will wave from west to east.

Many scientists tried to know the secret of this flag of the Jagannath temple, but they failed. This flag is so beautiful that all keep looking at this flag and this flag also has Lord Shiva's moon.

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2. Unique Sudarshan Whell (Chakra)

The Sudarshan wheel, above the peak of the temple of Puri, is seen from the whole of the city. But the special thing is that the wheel looks the same from every direction. That is, from whatever direction you will see this wheel, it will always be seen in front of you.

This wheel is also called Neel Chakra(blue wheel) and it is made of Ashta metal which is considered very sacred.

3. The Shadow of The Dome is Not Formed

In the world's tallest and the most magnificent temple, this temple is spread over 400,000 square meters, and its height is about 214 feet. It is impossible to see the dome by standing near the temple and it is a deep secrets.

Because the shadow of the dome of Jagannath temple remains invisible at all times of the day, i.e. its shadow does not appear. This magnificent form of the temple of Puri was built in the seventh century AD, and the architecture of this temple and its design was made very efficiently.

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4. Wind Direction

In normal days the wind comes from sea to ground, and in the evening it is opposite.  But here it is reverse, most of the sea air comes to the coast from the sea, but here the air goes from the ground to the sea shore.

5. World's Largest Kitchen

Offering of Lord Jagannath is made with 500 chefs and 300 associates.  About 20 lakh devotees can eat here. It is said that if offerings are made for 1000 people in the temple then this offering can  erase the hunger of many millions. The quantity of food to be cooked inside the temple remains for the whole year. A single quantity of offerings is never wasted.

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6. Sea Shore Noise

Only after entering the first step in the temple, you can not hear the sound coming from. the Sea. If you take a step outside the temple then you can hear it.
This sound can be heard in the evening very well.

Similarly, outside the temple, where the bodies are burned for salvation. But when you get out of the temple then you will feel the smell of the burning of corpses.

7. Changing The Form of Sculptures

Lord Krishna is called Jagannath in Puri and his elder brother Balabhadra and his younger sister Subhadra are also worshiped, and these three sculptures are made of wood. Once in 12 years, the  is made in a new way, but the shape and form remain the same.

8. Hanuman Does Protect Jagannath From The Sea

It is believed that the sea had broken the temple of Jagannathji 3 times. It is said that Mahaprabhu Jagannath had appointed Veer Maruti (Hanumanji) to control the sea here, but Hanuman could not even covet the greed of the visions of Jagannath-Balabhadra and Subhadra.

He used to enter the city to see the Lord; in this way the sea used to entered the city behind him. Disturbed by this habit of devotee Hanuman, Jagannath tied up Hanuman with gold yard here. Here is the ancient and famous temple of Hanuman on the sea coast in Jagannathpuri. Thousands of people come here to see this temple of Hanuman.

Know Some Unknown Things About The Jagannath Temple

1. Entry of non-Indian, non-religion people in this temple is restricted.  It is believed that these restrictions have been imposed by many foreigners due to infiltration and attacks in temples and adjoining areas.

2. It is said that when Jesus was traveling through the Silk Route to Kashmir, he visited Lord Jagannath.

3. Adi Shankaracharya had visited here in the 9th century and here he established a 'Govardhan Math' one of the four Mathas.

4. The great Sikh emperor, Maharaja Ranjit Singh, donated abundant gold to this temple, which was more than the gold he had given to the Golden Temple in Amritsar.

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