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Complete Definition of Religion:

What is Religion

There are two types of Religion, one is the relative religion and the other is the real religion. By Leaving the evil path, and adopting the path of good is called a true religion, and it is a relative religion. And the other is the real religion, which is called self-religion.

When the soul arrives in self-realization and remains in self-awareness and being prudent, it is called self-religion. Whatever religion is in the world, it is all the means; By following that religion, you will earn virtue and in that future, you will get knowledge and good accompaniment.

And those who do religion in this world and do all the activities of religion, in reality it is not a true religion. But in reality what is true religion called?

What is Religion (Definition of Religion)

● To awaken consciousness of discretion in life is called Religion. In the second definition, to does not hurt anyone is also called religion and there is nothing  Unrighteousness than hurt someone else. - Acharya Dr. Lokesh Muni

● The real religion teaches us to love God and when we begin to love God we begin to love even human beings. If we give water on any tree, then the tree becomes green.

In the same way, we do not need to give water on diffrent leaves and neither need to irrigate any branch. So the same basic principle of Religion teaches us to love God. The word 'Religion' is derived from the Latin word 'religir', which means adding.  Meaning to connect the creature to God.

Because in reality we need something, that is happiness, and we all keep finding that happiness in different things of this world.  Even after finding happiness in all things, we can not find the happiness we should get.

We will be able to feel that bliss only when we will be able to make contact with the source of happiness.  And the art of making contact with the source of happiness is the religion.  - Swami Nimai Sundar Das

● That is the religion which connects human, humanity, society and nation together. The one who saved man from falling into downfall, that is religion. Whatever its opposite, it is not religion, that is, the one who fought a human being with another man is unrighteous.

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Importance of Religion

Importance of Religion

Bhishma has described religion as a holder. With this one word, the need for religion can be understood for human beings. Holding means to reconcile yourself. As you wear clothes and reconcile it upon yourself and that clothe become yours and It hides your body's flaws.

Religion is also the same type. There are many flaws inside your mind, there are many contaminated disorders, religion inspires you to highlight your personality and character by covering them all.

When you feel that your imperfections are beginning to dominate you, then understand that you are going away from religion and at that time you should think about religion and recognize your religion and change your direction. So that you can live your religion.To understand the meaning of religion, you must definitely read this story, "Meaning of Religion".

Meaning of Religion

Once a young man went to a saint's hermitage and told the saint that I have to learn about what religion is. Please teach me about religion. Then the saint said that, "ok, fine, but for that you have to stay in my hermitage for a few days.

The young man said that I am ready, and from that day he stayed in the hermitage of Saint. After a few days passed, the young man felt that the saint forgot to tell me the meaning of religion, I have come here for the same reason. Saint do not speak anything, I am very keen to know about religion.

Then he waited for some days but the saint did not even tell him anything.  After a long time, the young man can not bear his patience and he told the saint that " My Lord, I have been living here for a long time but you have not given me the education of what religion is till now.

The saint said to the man, "that from the day you came here, from the time you are living here, from that time I am teaching you religion. Hearing the saint, the young man was shocked, she said, what you told me, I did not understand anything.

Then the saint said what is the meaning of religion? Today you are serving me and giving me food on time, giving me water on time, I am thanking you in return, this is not religion, then what is it?

Whatever we do in daily practice and if we walk through civilization and perform actions on the divine virtues, and behave well with one another, it is called Religion. Listening to the monk, now the young man came to understand that what Practical Religion is called.

The supreme God has also told us that, religion means holding up. To carry divine virtues and to believe in purity, and to adopt these beliefs in life is to obey the religion.

That is why we need to see how many virtues we are holding in our lives, and how much my soul is becoming pure and pure. As much as the soul becomes pure and pure, the calm and purity in its religion will automatically become stable.

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If There Was Only One Religion Then How Would The World?

If There Was Only One Religion Then How Would The World?

There are so many religions around the world that Hindus, Christians, Muslims, Jews, and many others. As the history began, the same new religion started as well. And not known, how many battles were fought about religion, millions of people were killed, only and only for religion.

But this does not mean that it was only due to religion. Because of not knowing their religion properly, such a fight was fought. But which religion is best for human beings, including a message of peace.

Even without religion, good people will do good deeds and evil people will do bad deeds. But when it comes to religion, those good people start doing bad things.

That is, if humanity had only one religion, good people would do good deeds, then there would be no terrorist organizations in the world today, but it does not mean there would peace in the world. In many places there would a mafia gang, which was run by rich people.

Religion is very priceless, but today many people misuse it. In the name of Religions, today there is corruption in many countries, and it will continue to happen and corruption never leaves the country ahead.

Today, on one side there is such a young generation, for which religiousness is decreasing rapidly towards their religion, which has been enabled from the internet which is absolutely right because there is a very big world outside of  religion. But our religion should be of humanity, but there will still be a long way to go, then perhaps it will be possible.

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