How to Pray? Complete Definition of Pray (With Examples)

How to Pray:

How to Pray:

My adorable preceptor (Swami Swarupananda Paramhansa) has said that if you pray one times prayer for the other, he will pray 100 times for us from God.

If any person prays for another person, will God be angry with that person or provide him with all the pleasures of life so, which he can not even imagine it. You must be surprised to know that there are many people in the world who do not worry about themselves and pray for the lives of others

In many people, the question arises as how to pray true prayer is and what is the importance of prayer. Some people know little about this subject, but most people do not know the true meaning of prayer. That's why I will explain to you all the details about prayer today, and you will also know how to pray true prayers to God.

What is The Meaning of Prayer?

What is The Meaning and Importance of Prayer

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When a moment of crisis comes upon a man, then a person prays to God. He prays before God that he is overcome by this condition. But have you ever wondered what is the real form of this prayer?

Prayer means to surrender all your anxieties, all our doubts, all our karmas, all the resolutions and plans at the feet of God. That is, by not contemplating the fruits of all our karmas, performing deeds according to their religion, and considering God's plan as our destiny, this is called prayer.

In fact, karma is life and not keeping affection towards the fruits of karma is a true prayer. But a prayer which does not allow man to do good deeds, that is not prayer. People pray to God and when their prayers are not complete then they complain to God. Many people say that we prayed a lot to God, but God did not listen to our prayers.

Our biggest mistake is that we have accepted our desires as prayer. It is definitely a part of prayer but it is not a prayer to demand something from God. We do not get anything from prayer but we get in prayer. In fact, the meaning of prayer is in which your mind is completely immersed in God. Prayer makes your mind and body completely divine and pure, and whatever works the holy and divine mind do, it brings happiness in life.

But does this really happen. Listening to prayer and getting your desire fulfilled, both are different, and always, remember that human gets reward for karmas only, not of prayer. Now the question arises how to pray.

How To Pray True Prayers

God does not accept the prayer of those people who pray to show others. Many great men have also said that "God does not accept the prayer of those who pretend to be hypocrites" Whenever you pray, go to your room or go to a secluded place and join hands in front of God and pray with humility. Often people understand that long lines need to be read aloud for prayer.

They understands that by praying long prayers, God hears our prayers. But thee does not know that before asking anything from God, God already knows all the things in our mind.

Therefore, always say when praying, "O God, whatever we are today is due to you. Give us food as much as we need, forgive our sins as we have forgiven our criminals. Do not put ourself in the exam, but save us from evil.

If you go to such a place alone as a prayer, you will feel a different kind of happiness inside you. Believe me, you will get an absolute peace at that time. You will feel that God is with you and no suffering in the world can touch you.

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Who is The Great Devotee

What is pray

Once Narada Muni (According to Hindu religion Narada is a deity who always chants the name of God all time) asked to God, God who is your greatest devotee?  Because he feels that he chants the name of God at all times, so he is the greatest devotee.

God said to Narada, that there is a farmer who lives on earth, he is my biggest devotee. Narad was surprised to hear that, who could the greatest devoted than me, so Narada Muni went to see that person.

When Narada saw the farmer's routine, that the farmer used to chant a garland in the morning in the name of God and after that he used to go to work in his fields.

At night, coming from the fields, he used to chant a garland in the name of God. The farmer did not take the name of God all day. The farmer just live his life honestly and took care of himself and his family.

Narada was surprised at the farmer's routine. How can he a big devotee than me?  Narada came to God and told all the things of God, where I keep chanting your name all the time, this person only takes the name of God twice a day.

God says that the farmer takes my name only twice a day. But when he carries a garland, he does not contemplate the world even for a moment, and only chant my name.

Like that farmer, if we call God only for 5 minutes a day, then the effect of that 5-minute prayer will remain with us all day. And we get this education from this story that only 5 minutes a day, if you take or chant the name of God with heart then God will definitely listen to us.

Examples of How to Pray

In this two videos you will see a true examples of how to pray.  These two videos are in Hindi, but if you do not know Hindi, then I have also translated it into English.

1. Prayer For Success

O my God, I am doing my duty according to my ability in this world. You gave me everything that I was not capable of.  You gave me all the happiness and gave all the facilities I wanted.

Now a new change in my life is going to come, for which I need your help.  O God help me to make me successful so that I can help all those who need my help.  Give God the right reward for my actions so that I can walk on the right path and help the people.

2. Morning Prayer

O God, you have blessed me with a beautiful new day and I pray to you that as the day starts and darkness will be far away, you will be pleased to fill my energy again.

O God, please give my power to my body and mind and give me the purpose of this day by bringing some more pure thought into my heart.

Make my mind pure and fill my mind with compassion. Let me keep my thoughts saved by negative thoughts and wrong actions coming in my mind and let me do all the work in the right direction.

Please give me such energy in my hand till I can see your presence in whom I can meet. Bless me energy and knowledge with good health, so that I can fulfill the full responsibility of my duties successfully and effectively.

This is a very precious day which I am going to start, I can not do anything myself, so God, do not separate myself from you. I will always be grateful to give you the gift of life.

I know that you have liked these two prayers, and if we pray to God with kind heart, then God will surely accept our prayers. There were three such saints who prayed with God and their story is very popular too.

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Prayer From Simple Heart

Prayer From Simple Heart

In a village, three naive saints came and they used to pray to God. Their feelings and their prayers had such an effect that the whole village started coming to them.

After listening to the praise of the three saints, the priest of that village thought that, what have special that all the people of the village go to them. He was astonished and he went to meet three saints.

The priest felt that the three saints would be very big scholars, but he saw that the three looked very straight, and they were not much educated either.

When the priest asked those three saints that, what prayers do you pray, then that three saints said that we are not much educated, we do not know anything.  We pray only to God that, O God, we are three idiots, we do not know anything, you do our welfare.

Upon listening to him, the priest was astonished to wonder what kind of prayers they do to God. The priest, who had wrote the duly prayers to pray, he taught that written prayer all those three.

That priest first taught them, but they did not understand. Then he taught another time, even then they did not understand. But when the last time he taught, then they understood something after that. After such a long teaching, he felt that he had learned this prayer.

After that he had to go to his house across the river, so he walked towards the house. On walking a distance, he turned and saw that, those three are coming from above the water. They came to him and told him that the prayer you taught us for, thank you for it. But we have forgotten the three prayers again, please please teach us again.

He saw that the three are walking above the water. Seeing the effect of his devotion and penance, he did not believe. Then priest realized that more than the prayers written in his words, there is more effect in their straightforward prayer.

From this story we learn that God likes just simple devotees and the person who prays to God with his heart, his prayer never fails.

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In the end, I want to tell you the same thing that whenever you pray, do it with your mind, because the sound that comes out from the mind turns out to be true.

A prayer from the heart will fill a different power in your mind.  There will be a strength in you and a different energy will be available in your body to fight with sorrow. And the person who prays to God with a true heart, his prayer never fails.

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