Definition of Meditation | Complete Guide About Meditation

Definition of Meditation :

Definition of Meditation:

The way mobile hang out due to overload, in the same way our brain gets hanged due to excessive pressure on our brain, and sometimes we have to face headache, trouble, fatigue and many other problems.

And the meditation for this to get rid of is only one remedy, so that any person can overcome all their problems. But meditation is not so easy, because for this you have to practice rigorous and require proper guidance.

And today through this post, I have told you all the things related to meditation, so that you have get all the knowledge about this subject.

Basic Definition of Meditation

Basic Definition of Meditation

There are two basic kinds of meditation, first is on which concentration is made, and the second is that which is contemplative.  The first is concentrative meditation and the second is contemplative meditation.  At which concentration is made, it is basically of four types.

This meditation is what we put our concentration on our breath, and the second is to concentrate on our word. Whether it is a mantra or some sound. The third is to focus on any form. 

Meditation of the form means to hold any form within your mind. After that, closing eyes and repeatedly reposing that image on the mirror of mind. And the fourth meditation which is applied in formless. 

As I said earlier, there are two types of basic meditation, one concentrative and second is contemplative. To learn about these two kinds of meditation, you must definitely see these two videos of Om Swami, where he explained all the details about these two kind of meditation.

1. What is Concentrative Meditation?

2. What is Contemplative Meditation?

Myth About Meditation

Meditation is a technique that used to be used by sadhus saints and their disciples years ago, and those people call it meditation. There is also a misconception about meditation that those people who have stress and anxiety have to do meditation, but it is not so.

Meditation should be done by everyone, if you rich and you have money, you should still meditate.  Meditation is a way that can give happiness to the person and tell him about the truth that everyone in our world can not know. Even world's top motivational speaker and author Tony Robbins do meditation, and many well-known people like him also do meditation.

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Meditation Techniques for Begineers

What Does Really Happened By Meditation

The researcher says that in our brain many types of thoughts come and go all the time and our mind does not sit quietly at any one place. Just like a mischievous monkey jumps from one place to another and never becomes silent.

In the same way, our mind does not calm down at any one place due to which we can not focus on one's work. Therefore, meditation is a technic that reduces unnecessary activity in our brain and activates our essential activity and teaches us to focus on the same work.

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The changes that occur in the person doing meditation are like this :

1. The mind of meditating person always remains calm and does not disturb his mind in any situation. Because he knows that the situation which is now, is for a moment, which will change by time.

2. The person who is meditating never quarrels with others.  There are many people who start quarrel on small things, but for the person who does meditation, it is like destroying all this time.

3. By taking meditation, man gets enlightened and he does not have any attachment to the world.  Then he realizes that whatever in the world is all mortal, and God is indestructible.

4. Those who do meditation do not argue with anyone most of the time and always have satisfaction.  They never argue with others, and they never show off their knowledge.

5. By meditation, there is a lot of changes in the human being, as well as his intellect and his ability to think differently from others.  The simple people who don't understand thing, meditate people understand that thing easily.

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