Bloody Mary | Who Was Bloody Mary (Full Story and Facts)

Who was Bloody Mary

Who was Bloody Mary

Some people do not believe that something like Bloody Mary is there and some people who are victims of Bloody Mary and they share their own story on the Internet. Such an incident has happened to many people and it shows that Bloody Mary is in truth.

There is a different kind of story about bloody Mary in different cites or countries, someone says that Bloody Mary was the first witch, who had sacrificed child, and someone says that Queen Mary of England is Bloody Mary. But today I will tell you the whole story of Queen Mary of England, whom people call Bloody Mary.

Who was Bloddy Mary?

The story of Bloody Mary is very old, who was a beautiful Queen of England.  But today people are afraid of taking the name of Bloody Mary, whose had died on November 17, 1558.

Bloody Mary was born in 1516 at the Palace of Placentia in Greenwich, England. Bloody Mary was none other than the Queen of England 'Mary Tudor'.

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Truth Story About Bloody Mary

It is said that the time of the devil is from 2:33 a.m till 3:33 a.m. At that time, if you call the name of Bloody Mary three times in front of the mirror with a candle in the hand, then you will be see bloody mary in the mirror. People also believe that Bloody Mary also has a green baby in her hand.

A man from England has told that when he had called Bloody Mary in the same way, after a few seconds, Bloody Mary appeared in mirror, and she took out the hand and rive the man's eyes.

And it is also said that if you say to Bloddy Marry that "I stole your baby" then you will hardly survive, because she becomes very angry when you say this.

Those who escaped from the wrath of Bloody Mary, they have experienced some strange things. They told that sometimes Bloddy Mary came in their dreams and scared them.

I do not know whether this is true or not, but some people believe that people who have seen Bloody Mary have not live. Similarly, a girl has tried to call Bloody Mary and what happened in the end you see yourself.

Whatever you have seen in this video, it may be fake, or there may be many people in the world who have seen the Bloddy Mary.

But today's topic is that who was the Bloody Mary and how her real life was, and why people started Bloddy Mary to that queen, today I will discuss this topic with you.

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Real Life Story of Bloody Mary

Real Life Story of Bloody Mary

Mary was the first lady Queen of England and she assumed the throne of England in 1553. For your information, let me tell you that Merry was the first female ruler, who had ruled alone in England.

Mary's father was king henry, and his mother's name was Katrine. Mary was an expert in sharp art and ruler since childhood, but King Henry always wanted a son, and that's why her father did not love Mary much.

After his first marriage, King Henry married 6 women so that he could have a son, and that son could carry forward his clawn and handle the throne, and for this reason the rift between Katrina and King grew, and Henry fired Ctarin from his kingdom.

At that time the Mary was about 14 years old and Mary's father asked her not to have any relationship with her mother. Because of this Mary was very sad and her illegitimate mother did not let her meet the father and they asked her not to go to the court.

Mary had to look after her father's misdeeds since childhood, because of which she had always been under pressure. Despite being the first child of King Henry, Merry was kept below her half-sister Elizabeth and her half-brother adwords.

Despite all this, the people of England loved Mary and when King Henry died, people of England made her Queen of England. Because Mary was the master of the art of handling the Kingdom.

Mary took over the kingdoms at the age of 37 but suddenly she felt that she should get married now, and to pursue her dynesty, she married a young boy named Philipp who was a resident of Spain, and Phillip was very younger than Mary at age.

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The Most Painful Time of Mary's Life

Mary became pregnant after 3 months of marriage and hearing the news, people of England became very happy and from here it took a great turn in Mary's life.

Mary had all the qualities in her body which is in the body of a pregnant woman. But someone spread the news in the state that Mary is not a child in her stomach and she is making everybody a boob, and she is doing so because she can get the heir to the state.

In those days, England was divided into two communists, one was catelist and one were protestors, and the fight between the two Communists was often waking up.

Mary always wanted to see her people in a religion, and she wanted to put everyone under the roof of a religion by stopping this dispute

So Mary passed an act after Christmas, in which every one will have to be catelic, and those who do not accept this act will be burnt alive.

The state got stirred and the protesters started a rebellion against the queen, and those who had rebelled were burned and about 300 people were burnt alive.

Due to such cruel assassinations, the general public looked at Mary as a ruthless queen and Elizabeth was making a living in the hearts of everyone.

Mary was aware of this and she was seeing her post going with her sister's hand. Then Mary thought of giving birth to her child and thought of delivering her baby in 9 months but she did not have children.

Rumors started spreading in the state that Mary is spreading this false story in the state. Some people also believed that Mary is the child of Satan in the womb and some people say that Mary gave birth to a dead child.

After a few days, mary's belly began to decrease automatically and she was coming back on normal shape. It continued for a few days and the doctors told that there was no child in my womb and slowly Mary's body was getting normal.

One morning when Mary woke up from sleep, her stomach became completely normal and it seemed that she did not have a child in her womb. When the public came to know about this, they termed Mary as a false queen, and they wanted to see Elizabeth as Queen of England.

Mary used to cry in her room every day and pray to God that God give her one child. Two years had passed by doing this, and it seemed like back to her that she was pregnant again.

Now no one was believing Mary's statement and Mary's husband, Phillips, who was fed up with this, left her and went to England. Mary did not have a child and she was completely broken. A few years later Mary died from cancer and Elizabeth took over the kingdom.

Due to the killing of many people, people started calling her Bloody Merry, and the rumors spread all over, bloody Mary could be seen by calling Bloody Mary 3 times in front of the mirror at night.

But the biggest question is how can Merry's baby disappear from the stomach. Actually in medical science this is a case of pseudocyesis, also called false pregnancy. In this case, it seems that she is pregnant and her subconscious mind brings all changes in her body which is in the body of a pregnant woman.

But few months later, that person's body comes back to its position. It is a type of disease that people of that time did not know about.

How Queen Mary Became Bloody Mary

Mary's image was already bad in front of people and because of this people used to accept her as a witch. Because she had burned many people alive and even bathed with blood.

This shows that Mary was the most unlucky queen of England. Because of all this people started calling her Bloody Mary.

It is said that those people who have any desire in their life  and if that desire is not fulfilled, then that person's soul never gets peace, and it was happened with Mary too.

Mary's life was the greatest wish that she had a child, but her desire was not fulfilled, which did not give her soul peace.

Wright Way to See The Bloody Mary

Real Life Story of Bloody Mary

To see Bloddy Mary, burn the candle in front of the mirror of any room and call it three times Bloody Mary, then you will see Bloody Mary in front of the mirror.

The time to do this should be upto 2:33 till 3:33. Apart from candlelight, there should not be any kind of light in that room. To see Bloody Mary, go two steps behind the mirror and close your eyes and call the name of Bloody Mary three times.

After that gradually keep coming in front of the mirror and open your eyes after 4 seconds. You will see Bloody in front of your own face.

When she comes in front of you, her eyes will be bleeding, and her face will be full of hatred and anger. The way I told you it is a very popular and authentic way. Remember this while doing so that never say Bloddy Mary to "I stole your baby", otherwise you will not be able to escape.

● Facts About Bloody Mary

1. About Mary, people also say that she bathed with blood while bathing. Her point was that by having a bath with blood, she could remain more young for a long time.

2. In the past, Europe was a custom in the country. A virgin girl had to take a glass in her hand in the dark and take a candle in the other hand. With that glass and candle she had to walk upstairs on the stairs.  While walking on the stairs, the girl had to look in her mirror.

It was believed that at the time of this process, the girl would see the face of her husband coming in that glass.  From which it was believed that his marriage and life would be good. If in this process a girl was seen to have any skeletal or blood-covered person, it would have been considered that her husband or the girl would die before marriage.  That was considered a very bad sign.

Final Words:

My purpose is not to promote any kind of superstition, all the information told in this post is for education purpose only.
Do not make the mistake of calling Bloody Mary at any time, because some such incidents have happened that many people have lost their lives or have not been found till date. So be carefull and lives always happy.

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