What is Gravity, How Does Gravity Works (With Examples)

What is Gravity:

What is Gravity:

The world has set a long journey in the field of science. There are many such facts in this topic, which we can make a significant increase in our knowledge. One such fact is gravity. Gravity was defined by Sir Isaac Newton at one time, and in time, Sir Albert Einstein also described the definition of gravity in his theory.

What is Gravity, and how does it work? In today's topic, I will describe you all the things related to gravity. But before that let we know how Gravity was invented.

How Newton Discovered Gravity

It was in 1661 when Newton was 18 years old and Newton left his home and took admission in Cambridge University.

But in 1665 the plague disease was rapidly spreding on London, and Cambridge University closed down due to this, and Newton had to return to his home. After returning home, Newton had a lot of time to do his research.

How Newton Discovered Gravity

Near the house of Newton, there was an apple garden, where he used to spend time, and used to try to know the secrets of this universe. And then an apple dropped down from the tree before him.

Then there was a question in his mind that why apple dropped down. Then he understood it, and said that due to the force, that Apple dropped it down, it is gravity.

And he also understood that Gravity not only work on earth only but also works in the whole universe and likewise Newton discovered gravity. But do you know what is gravity?

What is Gravity

All objects in the universe pull each other with one special force, this process of nature is called gravity. Therefore, it can be said that gravity is a natural phenomenon, with the help of which one mass tries to pull some other mass on its side.

Under this mass all the physical objects, planets-satellites, sky ganga etc. all come. Since energy and quantity have a direct connection, so all kinds of energies also fall under this natural phenomenon and apply to all gravity.

● Example

The mass of the earth is higher than the human, so the force of the Earth's gravitational force is more than that of the human gravitational force, and this is the reason that when we bounce in the air, we come back to the Earth.

Because the earth pulls us back towards it and because of our low force of gravity, we can not pull the Earth towards us.

What is Gravity

But the sun draws the earth towards itself because the mass of the sun is more than the earth, and this is why the earth revolves around the sun. But if the Sun move from its place, then the entire planet with the Earth will be move out from its orbit.

Gravitational force seems to be weak with distance. As an example, if we move far from the Earth, then the Earth's gravitational force will stop working on us. When Astronaut goes into space from our Earth then the Earth's gravitational force does not work on him.

Because he goes far away from the earth, due to this, his weight in the space gets lighter and he starts flying in the space. When this astronauts joins the surface of the Earth, then the gravitational force pull him towards itself.

Now Let's Know How Does Gravity Works

As I told you earlier, when Newton was sitting under the tree, an Apple dropped before him and he called it gravity and from then, he started research on this subject, and he guessed that this is the same force that Apple has to down falls, and it is the same force that holds the moon in the earth's orbit, and this is the same force that keeps the planets in the orbit of a sun.

Then he made a lot of calculations in this subject and he also made a formula above Gravity, which could prediction that what will be the force of Gravity. But he never knew how exact Gravity works and he had no idea about it.

Einstein Research on Gravitational Theory

Einstein Research on Gravitational Theory

After three centuries, Albert Einstein came. That time, Einstein was a Swiss bank clerk by profession, and at the same time he also doing research in physics.

At that time he was doing research on the light and he knew that the fastest energy in the entire universe is 'light', that means no one in the universe can cross the speed of light, and while doing research, he encountered Newton's thoery of gravity.

Because Newton's Gravity used to tell that Gravitational waves are those that instantly put their effect on any object. example; As we had told that if the sun disappeared in a second, then all the planets will be instantly out of the orbit.

This meant that the effect of Gravity happens almost instantly, and this was newton's philosophy and anticipation that gravity works instantly.

But Einstein did not believe it, and then he started doing his research on the same subject. He left his job to search on this subject and after about 10 years he invented his theory, and his name was General Relativity.

In that theory, he told that the Gravitational Force is a very light weight. In that theory, he told that the speed of the gravitational waves is as much as the light. Let's understand this through an example.

According to Newton, if the sun moves away from its place, the planets will take just 8 minutes to get out of their audits, but this will not happen instantly.

Because if the sun out, the pole of the Sun's gravity, which is keeping the planets in orbit, will also get out, but it will take 8 minutes, and that same Einstein had proved it his own way.

The Gravity model of Einstein used to say that gravity actually does not have a unique form. This is a method geomaetricaly curveature, which is a create in the space time from the mass of an object. According to Einstein, this space time is like a three dimensional fabric.

Now you are thinking, what is this three dimensional fabric.Then this is a fabric where, if you put an object, then the other objects will be wrap from its maas, and due to the same wrap the gravity will be create.

And those objects which are creating the wrap and the objects that are on the sides of that objects, whose mass are low, they will attract that object. So Gravity is such a coverage that einstein has proved.

To understand this deeply lets understand it with an example.

The sun is such an object whose mass is the highest, and the sun has kept the space time wrapped from its mass and created a curved shape in space time, and other planets or light objects, whose mass are less than the sun, they all will revolve around sun on that same orbit, and in the same way, our solar system works.

In this manner, if there is any celestial body and its mass is high, then it will create a wrap and if there are any planets whose maas are less than that objects, then the planet will be continue to revolve around it.

And this was the model of Gravity of a method, that did many calculations and predictions, and this model that Einstein created and it was consistent forever, and because of this it became a theory.
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