Top 10 Motivational Speakers in The World

Motivational Speakers in The World:

Motivational Speakers in The World:

Do not compare yourself with anyone in life because the moon and sun also shine in their own place. If you are afraid of doing some work in life, then understand that the work you are doing is truly brave. If there was no fear in it, then everyone would have done it.

And those who face their fears and achieve their goal, this world salutes them and today, I am going to tell about the few successful and motivation speaker in the world, who saw a lot of failure in their life, but the failure failed before their strong intentions.

Top 10 Motivational Speaker in The World

1. Les Brown - American Motivational Speaker

Les Brown is a American author, politician, and radio talk show host, whose motivation speech has brought incredible changes in the life of many people. The way that Les Brown faces the difficulties in his life, the place he has achieved today, if the film is made up of him, then the movie will be best for motivation. He faced the challenge in his life in the school first.

He was considered educably mentally retarded in school. But his mother and a teacher at his school encouraged him to recognize his ability. Therefore, whatever he is today, he credits his teacher and his mother. You must definitely watch this motivational video of Les Brown.

As a keynote speaker, Les Brown has been bringing new paradigm to the people with enthusiasm and inspiration, and is also encouraging millions to face the challenges of the world around them. Les Brown to empower his audience, and to promote the fire in the heart of people, they do mostly motivate thousands of people on YouTube and Instagram, and thousands of people interact with him regularly on Facebook.

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2. Tony Robbins - American Motivational Speaker

Tony Robbins (Motivational Speaker of)

Tony Robbins is the world's most well-known life coach instructor and motivational speaker. He has coached many big personalities like Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Princess Diana and Serena Williams. The most interesting thing is that he do not have any college education, yet he is so successful today.

When Tony was 7 years old, his parents had been divorced and he had to suffer a lot in his childhood. His parents were very abusers and many times they did not even give him food. But in these difficulties he never gave up. And then he decided that he would do something in life.

Tony left his house at the age of 17 and for the first time he started his job as a watchman. He did many small things to live his life, but his main aim was to help people. After much trouble in life, he became a good salesman.

With the intention of helping the people, he gradually began to motivate people by conducting seminars. He helped a lot of people and the result was rich at the age of 24 and he was without any college education. And it was not his luck, it was just his passion and hardwork that he has become so successful motivational speakers today.

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3. Nick (Nicholas) Vujicic - American Motivational Speaker

Due to Tetra Amelia syndrome, Nick's arms and legs were not developed in the womb of the mother. After birth, Nicolaas started living a handicap life without arms and legs.

Nicholas struggled very much during school days and due to being handicaped, and the other students used to make fun of Nick. Due to being handicaped, Nick did not make any friends in the school and due to loneliness and helpless, he tried to suicide at the age of 10.

In the same age at which people started learning about the world, Nick faced all the sorrows in the world. But his family continued to support him, so that Nikko got very encouraged and prevented him from committing suicide.

Because of such a struggle of the world, his courage became even stronger and he decided that he thought of making his weakness his power and at the age of 17, he opened his own NGO Life Without Limbs and from that day he never turned back.

Nick is one of the best motivational speakers in the world and to understand the perception of his life capacity has made tremendous impact on people's lives. Traveling through a 19-year lecture, so far Nick has traveled to 40 countries. Regardless of being without hands and legs, Nick is a good swimmer, writer, musician, painter. He play football, skydriving and surfing too.

Best Selling Book- Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life

4. Vivek Bindra - Indian Motivational Speaker

Indian Motivational Speaker)

Vivek Bindra's life is very inspirational. The way business has grown through a middle class family, it is a source of inspiration for every human being. He made his initial education from normal school like ordinary children.

At present, Dr. Vivek Bindra is a successful Business Man, YouTube Creator, Motivational Speaker, Business Coach and Author. On September 6, 2013 Vivek Bindra started the channel on YouTube by the name of Vivek Bindra: Motivational Speaker. By the end of 2018, there were more than 5 million subscribers on this channel.

Many people and big companies today are promoting their living by taking inspiration from him and earning more money than before. Bindra has told millions of people the right way to live life. He explains that the only one behind his success is the Bhagwat Gita.

The Bhagwat Gita not only gives strength to him, but also helps him in facing every trouble in life. Today there is a seminar in every place in India and everyone can not live without enthusiasm and motivate to hear his motivation spech. Due to the motivational speaker like Dr. Vivek Bindra, today, from India's business man to the student, everybody is going to succeed.

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5. Sandeep Maheswari - Indian Motivational Speaker

Indian Motivational Speaker)

A common boy, Sandeep Maheshwari, who has seen many failures in his life. But in the face of stark challenges, the place that he haz reached today, where everyone can only dream of nurturing.

He just followed his passion in his life and today he is also a famous motivational speaker and also a famous youtuber of India. His channel crosses 10 million on April 2019. But the purpose of his channel was to inspire people only, so he did not enable monetazation of his channel.

Sandeep Maheshwari started giving free seminars for those who are failing even after lakhs of attempts in their lives, and are insisting on them not to stop and go ahead with courage. Anyone can easily view the seminars given by Sandeep maheswari in YouTube.

All the seminars he has given till date have been done without any fees and donations, so that he can show the way for the young generation to go forward and get success. If you ask anyone in India who is the most famous motivational speaker in India then Sandeep Mahesh will be named in the top list.

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6. Eric Thomas - American Motivational Speaker

Motivational Speakers in The World:

There are only a few people on earth who get out of their obstacles and introduce themselves to the world itself. And one of them is Eric Tomas who has achieved a massive success today by facing many obstacles in his life. He was born in Chicago and since childhood, he did not know his parents.

Like other children, his life was not so simple. At the age of 18, he left his house. For two years, he was homeless from the house and when he was hungry he used to eat a garbage cans. Eric Thomas did not give up in that difficult time, because he knew the potential inside. Inspired by a preacher, he started reading and completed his master's degree and 2005 completed his phd.

Today Eric Tomas is not only a motivational speaker but also a well-known writer, Famous Youtuber and Minister. He started his career as a publicist at Oakwood University. He gained great popularity for his inspirational speeches. Apart from this, his inspirational videos are also popular on YouTube.

Best Selling Book- The Secret to Success

7. Zig Ziglar - American Motivational Speaker

American Motivational Speaker

We all want to be successful, for some money, for some time and no happiness. But getting success is not so easy. We read and agree on all the success stories and know from how a man has succeeded and Zig Ziglar's story is one of them. Zig ziglar is one of the top motivational speakers of this world. So far, he has written 33 books which have been sold in millions copies.

But the past of every suffering person is not so easy. He had lost his father only on the age of 5 and after his 2 days he lost his baby sister. In the early period, when he was 6 years old, he used to peanut sales and as a teenager he worked as grocery clerk. In the beginning of the 1970s, Zig Ziglar started his career as a full-time motivational speaker and author.

Today, zig zeglar has reached that level, that their I Can course is taught in more than 3000 thousand schools. As an author, he has produced dozens of successful books, audio CDs and video programs including his major product. And so today big companies and business man use zig zeglar's CDs, books and video training programs to encourage their employees and to teach them about sales marketing.

Best Selling Book- Secrets of Closing The Sale

8. Dr. Wayne W. Dyer - American Motivational Speaker

Wayne W. Dyer was America's best-known author and motivational speaker. He was considered 'father of modern self-help movement' or 'father of inspiration'. Most of his life went through the orphanage and this inspiration was that he inspired him to move forward in his life.

He started his career with D. Ed Wen State University. Listening to his motivational speech, a large number of students got attracted to him and encouraged him to keep his thoughts in writing. The most interesting point of Dr. Wayne's point is that if you have to be happy in life then you do not need a lot of money. Whenever our motive is to get money only, then ego is born in us.

The ego is that which separates us from others and this is the reason that we try to throw others down and that is how our problem starts in our life. And by removing this ego, how can we know the real motive of our life, so Dr. Wayne has written a very good book, 'The shift' which is also his best selling book. You must definitely read these priceless principles, So that you can improve your life by reading his principles.

Best Selling Book- Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting

9. Jim Rohn - American Motivational Speaker

American Motivational Speaker

Jim Rohn is also an enterprenuer as well as writer and motivational speaker. His motivational speech and recording still works as a hope and motivation in every people's mind. Although initially he worked very hard, as a result of which he is known as the best motivational speaker. He has seen many fluctuations in his life and for this reason he used to share every experience of his life with the people.

Everyone makes their own fortune and to do so, he must follow the principles of his life. Based on this principle, Jim Rohn became only a millionaire in his short life. Because of his brilliant story skills and the ability to understand the world, Today, millions of people think of him as their ideal.

Best Selling Book -  My Philosophy For Successful Living.

10. Arnold Schwarzenegger - American Motivational Speaker

Motivational speakers

Arnold's father's name was Gustav and his mother's name was Aurelia. His father was in police. According to Arnold, his father was a very strict. He was fond of playing football in his childhood. For this reason, he started doing physical work. This led to his interest in bodybuilding and was successful in winning the 1965 Junior Europe competition.

Arnold began workout at the age of 15. He had won his first Mr. Universe title at the age of 22, and he has lived 7 times in Mr. Olympia. After this, they became the world's biggest stars in bodybuilding. In 1970, he appeared in his film Hercules Goes to New York. Terminator proved to be the most successful movie in his life. It was considered the protagonist of action cinema. He also wrote a book, 'The Education of a Body Builder'. The 'Stay Hungry' movie provided the 'Golden Globe' for his role.

As a bodybuilder being an actor, he is also a very good motivational speaker. He has motivated many thousand people and today even because of his motivation, many people have changed their lives after motivated from him.

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