25 Facts About Jupiter (No.25 Will Surprise You)

Facts About Jupiter Planet:

The Great Red Spot

Well, we all must have heard of some Facts About Jupiter Planets. But there are some facts about which you might have never heard of. Yes, today I have told some facts about Jupiter that you will be surprised to know. But do not forget to read the last 25 point, because that is the most strange facts of all of these facts.

25 Amazing and Surprising Facts About Jupiter

Facts About Jupiter, 1 to 5

1. Many ancient civilizations knew about this planet. According to Hindu beliefs, Jupiter is the master of the Deity. According to the Romans, Jupiter is the son of Saturn planet and King of the Gods, the Emperor of Olympus and the protector of the Roman Empire.

2. Jupiter's gravity is 2.4 times more powerful than the Earth's gravitational force. This means that if your weight on earth is 40 kg then it will be 90 kg at jupiter.

3. When the ultraviolet rays of the sun fall on the jupiter, the color of the clouds of this planet changes.

4. Because of Jupiter, our earth is safe, because it pulls the objects coming towards the Earth with its own gravitational force.

5. When Jupiter is shown by the radar telescope, the gupiter becomes invisible. It seems that Jupiter is not there on his place. But we see its satellite roaming around Jupiter.

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Facts About Jupiter, 6 to 10

6. Jupiter is the largest gas giant in our solar system. Astronomers knew about Jupiter from the old days. In the roman the name of this planet was named after the god Jupiter.

7. The structure of this planet is weird and it has its own rings too. But Jupiter's ring system is not as famous as the Saturn planet's ring system.

8. Inside the Jupiter, approximately 1300 Earth can easily fit. If compared to Jupiter from Earth, then we will be able to match Jupiter's dyameter after keeping almost 11 Earth from the line.

9. Four Largest Moons of Jupiter

Facts about jupiter

In 1610, Galileo Galilei discovered Jupiter's four largest satellites, also called Galilean moons. But it is also claimed that in 362 BC an astronomers from China had searched Jupiter's satellite. By 7th and 8th century, astronomers used to study Jupiter. The great Indian mathematician and astronomer Aryabhatta also said in 499, that Jupiter takes 4332.2722 i.e. 11.86 years in order to circumambulate the Sun, which is absolutely correct.

10. Jupiter is so large that  if the mass of all the planets in the solar system is mixed, Jupiter's mass will be two and a half times more than that. If we compare jupiter to the Sun after being so big, the pride of the Jupiter will be broken because it is so small than the sun that, 1000 Jupiters can be fit inside the sun.

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Facts About Jupiter, 11 to 15

11. Jupiter is mainly made of gas and liquid materials. It has approximately 75% hydrogen in its etosphere, 24 percent is hillium, the remaining 1 percent is another substance. The ammonia, water vapor, methane and silicon compounds have also been found in its atomosphere.

12. Jupiter is so large that the Jupiter can easily be seen from Earth without the help of a telescope. Jupiter is the third most shiny item after the moon and venus in the night sky.

13. Scientific Research of  Jupiter's Surface

The height of the atmosphere of the Jupiter Planet is very difficult to detect. Like the atomosphere on earth and other planets starts from a solid surface, but there is nothing like that on Jupiter. There are gases on this planet and there are also liquid layers on the inside.

But scientists have found a layer in the depth of Jupiter for practical, where pressure is 10 times higher than Earth, and scientist named it after it the Surface of Jupiter. The temperature on this surface remains up to 67 degrees Celsius.

14. The energy Jupiter takes from the sun, it radiate more energy in space than it does. Because its core is very rocky and its temperature is about 20 thousand kelvin. It is believed that Jupiter's automosphate has 3 regions. The first is the rocky core that is 40 times heavier than the Earth.

Hydrogen is present in liquid form in the second region, which is fully electrical conductive and due to this region, Jupiter has the strongest magnetic field. Magnetosphere of this planet extends over 65 million kilometers, which is also from Saturn planet Is far ahead. And the third region is filled with ordinal hydrogen and helium.

15. Jupiter has ammonium crystals and ammonium hydro sulfate clouds. Under these clouds, a very light layer of water clouds is found. Here the speed of the wind is 360 km.

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Facts About Jupiter, 16 to 20

Facts About Jupiter

16. Jupiter is 77.8km corer away from the Sun, which is 5 times more than the Earth's axis.

17. Sunlight takes 43 minutes to reach this planet.

18. Two things about the rotation of this planet are very important. One is that its rotation period is the slow, approximately 9 hours 70 minute 30 seconds. The second most important thing is that different parts of this planet roam different speeds. The polar environment of this planet rotates at 5 minutes slow by the equiter.

19. Saturn is known for its rings, but it would seem strange to hear that the Jupiter planet also has rings which do not show us due to dust particles. It is believed that the planet never had rings near it. These rings are made of substances left by its satellites, which are captured by its gravity.

20. Approximately 67 moons of this planet have been detected, including the 4th largest satellite discovered by Galileo, which is ganimate, calisto, lo, and Europa. Ganimate is the largest satellite, which has also big from the Mercury Planet.

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Facts About Jupiter, 21 to 25

21. Several missions have been sent since 1973 for more information and studies of this planet. In the beginning of 1973, the first mission for jupiter was sent Pioneer 10, who sent his photographs and information to this planet.

Six years later, the Voiser mission explored Jupiter rings and also spoke about the Great Red Spot storm. After this Cassini and New Harijan mission were sent. Galileo Pro was the first spacecraft that revolves around Jupiter.

22. Rings of Jupiter Planet are dark, but Saturn's rings are shiny. The difference came when and how this issue is also unsettled.

24. The Great Red Spot 

Facts About Jupiter

Jupiter's Atmosphere shows light and dark bands which are believed to be due to pressure differences in the layers of gas in its atomosphere, and this is why large storms are formed between top brands in Jupiter.

Jupiter has the largest storm ever in the Southern Hemisphere. This storm is so big that it can fit two earths in it and it is also known as The Great Red Spot. This storm was discovered by casini and rocker houk in the 17th century and it is believed that the storm has been on the surface of the Jupiter for 300 years, and such small tiny storms have also been observed on this planet.

25. Diamond Rain On The Planet Jupiter

When NASA's voiser 1 and cassine were passing in front of Jupiter, the space scientist noticed that lightning in Jupiter's Atmosphere. After the notices, those scientist estimated that hydrogen and methane are also present in its atmosphere.

When it touches the 'superhit electricity atmosphere', there is also an extraordinary chemical reaction, from which it converts elements present in the lightning bolt atomsform to diamond, and when this particles convert to diamonds, this diamond Rapidly falls into the surface of the Jupiter, and then it goes to Diamond's Rain.

But going downwards, the pressure on these diamond increases rapidly, and after reaching the temperature of about 8000℃, due to the extreme weather condition, the solids diamond becomes liquid, and the liquid of this liquid diamond A complete diamond ocean is formed.

Jupiter is The Mysterious Planet

Apart from this, there are many questions today that make Jupiter mysterious. There is very little water in this planet's Atmosphere. There is not much information available on this subject, how much winds running on this planet, and what kind of power that drives them. The inner part of this planet is still a mystery to us. No satellites have reached the core or the inner part of this planet. Many mysteries of this planet are not solved even today, but we hope that all of its mystery will be solved in the future.

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