Definition of Love | Meaning of True Love (With Examples)

Definition of True Love:

Definition of Love:

When you think about true love, do you feel happy inside, you get courage, or you feel yourself strong or you feel pain. So love is a Feeling or a Passion. This is attraction or attachment. Love is an addiction or what we call care is called love. Or what you think about love is that love or anything else. After all, what is love?

Does anyone have love with him when I say I love you? Often, I have heard people say I love my country, i love my society, but as soon as they get out of the house, they start nurturing their country and their society, but they still say that love my nation. Is this love?

What is True Love?

The Real Difinition of Love
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There is no condition in true love. True love means to be happy, to do something good for someone. Far from hurting those whom you love, you will not like to see tears in their eyes. You live in any place of the world, without any rope, but love keeps you interconnected. Love is a beautiful feeling you can not see but can feel.

True love is always respected, ego does not exist in it. In true love, care is for your lover, there is protection, deep feeling, prmanenet feeling, which never changes. If you are with true love, you feel yourself strong, and you consider yourself to be winning. You can smile at the worst of bad circumstances in true love. Love is a positive power that always gives happiness.

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Diffrence Between Temptation and Love

All of us believe that we sometimes have love with somebody in life. Regardless of whether the parent is from the child, the knowledgeable person is from the knowledge, the artist is from the arts. etc. But in reality, it can be love or even temptation.

Now the question arises in your mind that what is the temptation. The temptation is that which you tied in a bond, Which is not love. Love is that which is free to send you to the development. Let's understand this with an example.

Some parents can not send their children to read in other cities. Can not send their child to play with his friends. They are always worried that their children do not suffer pain, and that is why they keep them in bondage. But in reality it is not love, it is fascination.

Because if they had love, then they would like to see their child coming out of the camp of the parent, and understand the world and take knowledge from it and learn from his experience and create a personality of yourself.

Always remember the fear is created from fasination, but only love gets happiness. Do not bind anyone in the bondage of your love, free him. Because this is true love.

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Diffrence Between Like someone and Love someone

Diffrence Between Like someone and Love someone

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Often it has been seen that many people fall in love with each other in Facebook and Instagram. But what really is this true love. Let me tell you my story. One day a girl sent me a request on Facebook and started talking to me. I thought maybe there would be a girl who wants to be friendship with me.

Slowly I realized that he started hugging me, and he stayed online to chat with me till late night. From his point of view it seemed that she has loved me a lot. But I knew that there is a lot of difference between love and love. Because the girl who was talking to me, she just likes me, and I knew this very well what is love and like.

To prove true love, many hardships have to be done. And to fully confirm whether she really loved me or not, I wanted to know her. These days I asked her if she liked me, then she said yes in reply and from that day, the conversation started between us.

But after a day or two, she reduced me to talk. The first time she used to stay online to talk to me day and night, but now she talks to me occasionally in the day. When I asked the reason, she began to tell that there was some problem in her net connection. I do not know why I was feeling that something is wrong, something is happening. But I said this to me by saying that maybe I'm thinking too much, so I did not ask anything else.

And after a few days, her interest began to end and the conversation between us started to diminish. Gradually, the distance between us increased, and today we do not even talk to each other.
I was already aware of this that she just likes me, so I did not mind much in this relation. If there was love, she would definitely talk to me today.

True love does not happen in everyone's luck. Only those who are destined to get true love and definition of true love will know you through this video. If you know Hindi then watch this video and if you do not know Hindi then I have translated this video in English.

The Real Difinition of Love

At first sight you liked him and she liked you and said this love is 'Love First site', then you may be wrong. Because at first sight we like the antique things, but we keep it in the house for the show off.

By late night, both of you talk a lot, and you consider it to be love, then maybe you are wrong. Because of the fear of loneliness, two unknown people also talk to each other.

If a girl grasps your hand after seeing a boy, and if a boy grasps your hands by looking at a girl, and you call this cute jealousy is love, then may be you are wrong. Because the birds are caught, to capture them in cages, not to liberate them.

Now both of you are able to understand the point of view of others, and and you call this to be love, then you may be wrong. Because two beggars can also understand the hunger of each other, but can not erase hunger.

If you are celebrating Anniversary every month, and you call it love, then you may be wrong, because there is no need of numbers of years for revealing love.

Now you have her insta story and she has become part of your snap stories and you are saying it love, then maybe you are wrong because love can not be saved with filters, because it can be lived in moments.

Yes, If you want to get involved in his hair before engaging in her body, and if she shows her madness before you, if she tell you all her secrets before taking off her clothes, and if she also tells all her fear before you, if all her tears flow in your shirt, and her smile reason is you, then my friends, this is called true love, and if If you have found this love, then catch it, grab it and hold it and where you get the chance, then say loudly that how much you loved her. Because it takes a lot of time in life, to find that type of love.

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