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Bible Verses About Love:

Well all of us celebrate Valentine's Day on 14th February. In different places, people lovingly give roses or gifts to each other, and express their love.

But after some time, or after two years, two people who love each other, when they see each other's deficiency or they realize that there is no synergy among them, or they see their partner's fault, then their love decreases and gradually they breaks their relationship.

There are some people who grow in a different relationship and keep on moving forward in life, but there are many people who fall into despair.

Some people get distracted from their studies and get away from the job. Some people start taking drugs and some people take out their beliefs in love. All these things are seen in people's lives. But why does it all happen.

If we look at it carefully and try to learn carefully, then it happens because that is when one person loves another person then he does it for his benefit.

When a person loves another person, then he wants that other people also love him and care him/her as he/she did. Today, I want to tell you about a similar love, which is selfless love, which is not for any benefit, but that love is a very wonderful love, precious love and selfless love.

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Bible Verses About Love

In the Bible we learn about the love of Jesus Christ, the love of Jesus Christ is selfless love. How love is the love of Jesus Christ, let us know about it.

We read the gospel of ihuna in the Bible, in its 15th chapter and also in this verse, "No greater love than this, that someone whould give his life for his friends." This means the love of Jesus Christ is selfless, Jesus Christ treated us as his friend and to save us from our sins, Jesus sacrifice his life. There is a lot less impossible in this world to find a human being that someone would sacrifice life to others.

To an extent, we help people as we donate our blood or someone gives his kidneys or donates any part of his body to others, but nobody gives their life.

Jesus Christ gave his life to save people. And the greatest feature is that Jesus Christ did not died for the good people, Rather Jesus Christ died for sinners.

Because of this great sacrifice of Jesus, we find out how much God loves us, because he sent his son to this earth for guidance us, and for us Jesus also sacrificed his life. This love is called innocent and selfless love.

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