Micheal Jackson Bio, Death and Life (In Short)

Micheal Jackson Bio In Short:

Micheal Jackson Bio And Death Mystery:

There will be no such person in this world who does not know Michael Jackson. From children to old, every person is familiar with his name due to Michael Jackson's dance. The big artist, Michael Jackson, was as wonderful as his personality and his talk.

The more you learn about Michael Jackson, you will be equally surprised. Surprisingly, Michael Jackson wanted to stay alive for 150 years. Yes, this is true. Michael Jackson used to wear gloves before shaking hands with fear of diseases, and before going to crowd, he used to wore a mask in his mouth.

For his care, Michael Jackson had 12 doctors in his house. Who used to check every day from Michael Jackson's head to his nails. Even Michael Jackson's food was given to him after checking in the laboratory.

On May 18, 1994, Micheal married the daughter of Princess Elvis Presley, Lisa Marie Presley but their marriage did not last long and after two years they got divorced. In 1996, Michael Jackson married Debbie Rowe, and they had two children, Paris Jackson, Michael Joseph Jackson. Debbies Rowe is the second wife of Micheal Jackson.

Michael Jackson was about to live up to 150 years of life, and from this fear Michael Jackson slept on oxygen beds. Michael Jackson kept Donors who were ready to donate their organs, whom they also paid for. So that he can get any part of their body, like kidneys, eyes, lungs or body when it is time.

Death Mystery of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson thought that he could dodge death with his money too. But who can change destiny. The immortalized feeling of micheal jackson was struck by a tremendous shock when his heart beat stopped on June 25, 2009. Despite having 12 doctors at his home, his condition was getting worse. Doctors of Michael Jackson could not save him even after all attempts.

Let me tell you that Michael Jackson did not eat anything without the advice of his doctor. By the time of the end, the condition of Michael Jackson had worsened even more. Coming up to the age of 50, he was even closer to his death, and the King of Dance went away from this world on June 25, 2009.

When Michael Jackson's body was post-mortem, the doctor told that his body had become a bone structure. His head was bald and his ribs and shoulder bones were broken and there were countless needles marks on his body. To get rid of the pain caused by plastic surgery, Michael Jackson was given several antibiotic injections.

Last Journey of Michael Jackson

2.5 million people had watched live the last visit of Michael Jackson and it was the most visible live broadcast ever. On the day of Michael's death i.e. 25 June 2009 at 3:15 pm Wikipedia, Twitter, and all had crashed.

The biggest thing was that all the people were searching on Google for the news of Michael Jackson at the time, but Google was unable to handle this traffic due to the highest volume of search  and google could not work for two and a half hours.

Michael Jackson, who wanted to dodged his life, probably did not know that nothing in this world is permanent.

Let me tell you that Michael Jackson had no interest in plastic surgery, it was a disease. And one reason for that illness was that micheal wore a golden suit during a song. Due to the combination of golden suit and high voltage light, it was burnt to deep skin.

Because of which he had to undergo several skin surgeries one after the other. Because of the same surgery, his skin became white. But this surgery was not for skin whitening, but this surgery was done to prevent the effect of light.

But Michael Jackson's screen burn accident was very terrible. Due to the skin burn, the cracks in his skin began to fall, which he used to wore the mask to hide from his fan.

Michael Jackson's Troubled Life

Michael Jackson's Troubled Life

Michael Jackson's father tortured him in many ways. He was forced from his childhood as a machine to earn money. His family gave him a lot of misery. He did not consider anyone other than his younger sister Janet Jackson. He has lived in his life by eating a bread for several days.

Michael Jackson became famous all over the world on the strength of his genius, and whose death also caused Google to crash. There is no doubt that this unique talent owner Michael Jackson has achieved the achievements which no one can touch.

Even today, Micheal reigns in the hearts of people of the whole world. People like Michael Jackson are not born again and again in the world.

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