26 Facts About Michael Jackson (With 3 Secrets)

Facts About Michael Jackson:

There are so many artists in the world, but artists like Michael Jackson are rarely born. In the era of his life, in the way he had made people from all over the world crazy with his dance and music, even after his death, he became immortal in their heart forever. 

So today I will tell you about some facts about Michael Jackson that you do not know about him. In the end, I have told 3 secrets about Michael Jackson, which people are very eager to know about. Perhaps you are also curious to know about those secrets, so read up to the end and know all the facts and secrets of Michael Jackson's life.

26 Facts About Michael Jackson (With 3 Secrets)

Facts About Michael Jackson, 1 to 5

1. Michael, was the 8th child of the Jackson family. In 1964, he decided to join his elder brother Jackie, Tito Jarmanye and Marlon to pursue a career in music and started singing solo since 1971. In the early 1980s, Jackson became the main center of the whole world in popular music.

2. There is no such artist in the world whose earning was the highest after his death. The Guinness world record saw that his earning was highest, therefore this record was gone on his name.

3. Five years old, Michael started showing his talent at the stage. In the direction of the father, with his four older brothers, he made a debut in the world of music.

4. His first music, 'I Want You Back', was released in November 1969 and has been a tremendous success.

5. Michael and Debbie divorced in 1999, but the children stayed with Michael. In 2001, Michael received the title of Solo Artist in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but his album proved invincible flop.

Facts About Michael Jackson

Facts About Michael Jackson, 6 to 10

6. In 2005, when case of child molestation was over Michael Jackson, at that time, his brother, Germaine Jackson, put on a private jet standby for Michael Jackson, that if the court had guilted him, then he would take him into private jet, in Bahrain.

But the court did not give them a guilty agreement and micheal Jackson did not know about this. But his brother knew, because he disclosed this thing later.

7. Michael Jackson did not sleep on the private bed, he had purchased a Hyper Berrick Oxygen chamber for himself, which was worth 2 million dollars. He slept on that bed and he believed that he would get fresh oxygen from sleeping on that bed and he could live up to that long.

Michael was also saying that after his death, California's treatment center would be given to his bed, where the victims would be treated.

8. Michael Jackson is the world's first black artist whose video MTV telecasted for the first time. For your information, let me tell you that MTV did not video telecast any black artist before. The music of michael jackson that MTV telecasted was named Billy Jean.

9. When the news of Michael Jackson's death spread all over the 25th June 2009, many of the internet facilities crashed. I'm not telling you about those small websites, rather the world's largest website has crashed, like Wikipedia and Google and other big websites. Because at that time all the people were searching just about Michael Jackson on the Internet, so that their server could not handle that much traffic and got crash.

10. Michael Jackson had started using the wig in his last few years because all the hair in his head had rooted. Because their medicines were so powerful that their hair was completely rooted.

Facts About Michael Jackson

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11. In 1983, during a Pepsi commercial shoot, there was an accident with him. Their hair was burnt due to an accident. Because of that he could have a case on Pepsi Company but he did not do this. He left that company by saying that you have to fund the Burning Center, by which those burnt patients will be treated.

12. Micheal Jackson is the highest award winning artist. He has won 23 Guinness Book of World Records, has won 40 Billboard Awards, 13 Grammy Awards and 26 American Music Awards.

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13. Michael Jackson had a lot of love for animals and he had many pets. Among them, his most favorite pets were the chimpanzees whose names he kept Bubuls. Apart from this, he had two lama too, he also had a ram and had 2 pyton also.

14. In fact, micheal Jackson knows the name of the whole world from the King of Pop, but in reality he was king at two places. Gavn and Ivory Coast, these two tribes had considered michael jackson as king of their country.They also welcomed Michael Jackson and after the death of Michael Jackson, they also performed the funeral of Michael Jackson with their religious rules.

15. In the year when Michael Jackson died, in the same year he was planning his comeback tour, and he was going to be in London. And 50 shows were to be held in London and the rest were to be in the second country and he had demanded the price of each show to 1.5 million US dollars, but in 2009, he died, so these shows never happened.

Facts About Michael Jackson

Facts About Michael Jackson, 16 to 20

16. The headline of the 21st century celebraty was about micheal jackson, who had hanged his recently born son, from a 3-storey building window, with unresponsibility, due to which he kept up with news.

These stunts he did in a hotel in Adler, Berlin, and he was the third child of micheal. Before being hanged in such a ruthless manner, it was speculated that perhaps micheal might be the father for the third time. But after the incident, all doubts about speculation became clear.

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17. Micheal Jackson's marriage with Lisa Marie presely lasted for only a short time and there was a lot of controversy in that relationship. In 1994, both of them secretly married in the Dominican Republic.

Their first public appearance was also in MTV, where they both kissed each other in front of many people in such a way that both came in the news. But their relation does not last long. In the beginning of 1996, presely filed a divorce case. Their relationship would end soon so that nobody thought it too.

18. Micheal Jackson's most controversial year was 2005. The case of child molestation was recorded on the micheal. Although Jackson was not found guilty in all those chrages, but after that he was greatly blamed. In 1993, the 13-year-old boy was accused of molestation. But this issue was settled out of court but the media bounce it in the news.

19. Thrillar was released on March 30, 1982. This was Micheal's 6th solo album and probably too important. These albums have since become the best-selling album of all time and it is still known for post disco band of RNB, pop and funk music.

20. Michael Jackson wanted to buy the comics of Marvel. Stanley has told him in an interview that Michael Jackson wanted to act as Spiderman. But, it failed and the role of Spiderman went to Tobias Vincent Maguire.

Facts About Michael Jackson

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21. When the whole world was immersed in the death of Michael Jackson, the US President was also fond of Michael Jackson's death. After the death of Michael Jackson, US President Barack Obama sent a condolence letter to Michael Jackson's family. He looked at Micheal Jackson as a 'fantastic artist and music icon'.

22. Michael Jackson's father treated him and his brothers in a very violent way. Michael's father used to see him as a money-making machine. Michael Jackson told it in an interview that his father used to beat him with a sting, and he had no regrets on doing so.

23. After Michael Jackson's death, his sister Jennet junction had said that Michael Jackson's death was under a conspiracy. Michael Jackson was also telling a few days before his death, that someone wants to kill them.

24. Secret of Michael Jackson's Dance Move

Apart from the Moonwalk dance form of the jackson, there are many more moves that are popular around the world. Michael Jackson's Anti Gravity moves in a music video Smooth Criminal in 1987, in which he bends forward in 45 degree angle, but his spinal cord is straightforward.

When people saw this performance on the live show, people were surprised to see this dance form. People did not believe in their eyes, how could a person lean forward in the 45 degree angle without any support.

To open Michael's secret, doctors from around the world started searching for this. 3 Nero Surgeon of PGIMER of Chandigarh (In India) has taken the curtain to explore this secret.

The doctor said that this dance move of micheal was a result of strict training and trick. According to the doctor, Michael was wearing shoes in a special way in a dance that had a slot in the hill.

At the time of the performance, a block came out of the stage in time, in which Michael's boot slot was stuck and he used to help bending 45 degrees forward. Although the doctor also believes that no ordinary person can do this without the help of anybody or anything.

It is not easy to put the burden of the whole body on the knees, especially when you have to be absolutely straightforward. According to the doctor, Michael had made his knees' muscles strong enough, and this is the reason that he leaned forward towards the 40 degree angle.

25. Micheal Jackson's White Skin Secret

There are many secrets behind Michael Jackson's White Skin. Actually Michael Jackson was a Black African
And the question arises in the minds of many people about how they got white.

It is true that he had done his surgery. He used the bleaching process and along with that he had a disease of vertilago. Due to Vertilago's disease, the color of his screen gradually changed.

Let me tell you that Vertilago is such a disease that causes white spots on the body, and these spots are grown over time, and some parts of the body have dark spots, and in the rest of the whole It becomes white.

After this Michael Jackson used bleaching, so that the color of his skin became completely white and whatever color difference he had, it also got completely finished. This news has been revealed from his post-mortem report.

26. Propofol Sudutive Was The Cause of Michael Jackson Death

Michael Jackson's body had two postmortem and both post-mortem showed that, in his body, the propofol Sedative was present, which was found in very high quantities.

Propofol is actually a very powerful drug addiction, which is used to make the patient unconscious before surgery. By taking a proportion of more quantity, humans can go into coma or die.

But it was astonishing that propofol, his own parcel physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, had prescribed Michael's illness due to sleepiness i.e. insomnia. But according to sleep expert Dr Namwar Kadar, Propofol should never be given in insomnia.

And for this reason, the doctor Murray was found guilty, and in November 2011 he was sentenced to 4 years in prison. But court released him almost two years later on October 2013, and this is why Dr. Murray did not kill Michael Jackson intentionally.

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