Who is Lucifer and Know About his Supernatural Power

Who is Lucifer:

To know about Lucifer, we need to know about the important chapter of the Old Testament. In these chapters, we have been told that the meaning of the word Lucifer in Habbru is hellel. Its English translation is Brightness.

That is why if you try to deeply understand the meaning of the word lucifer, then you will know that it means the morning star.

You may be surprised to know that many people are still present on our earth who consider Lucifer as God and they worship him. I know that you will be feeling strange after hearing this.

And so I have shared some strange things with you in this post, so you will be know that, why God removed the most beautiful and wise angel in heaven from heaven.

Who is Lucifer

Who is Lucifer

Lucifer was not a devil first, he was one of Paradise's Angels and if we believed to different mythology, then Lucifer was the most beautiful in all the angels, And he was the most wise angel from the other Angels.

It is clear in the Old Testament that by wearing gold rosary and Unsurpassed stones, he used to rule his place in heaven.

Lucifer had a lot of knowledge and whether there was any debate over any topic, lucifer used to comment on it and listening to all the things.

All the Angels believed that Lucifer was the most knowledgeable angel, and that is why all Angels started to following Lucifer, and he became their god. That is, lucifer was a perfect angel that God created very closely.

So now you will be know why people began to know Lucifer in the name of fall of Angel.

It is believed that there was a private meeting between God and JESUS ​​about 6000 years ago, in which lucifer was not included in that meeting.

Lucifer was felt very bad about this, reason was that, that he was very proud of his knowledge and his power. He was began to consider himself like God and jesus.

So Lucifer started a campaign, in which he started convening the angels by saying that he is above Jesus and he has a lot of power than Jesus.

The campaign had such a profound impact that one-third of the people in heaven began worshiping lucifer instead of Jesus and began to consider him as their deity.

Somewhere the god tried to convince lucifer, but because of his arrogance, he was not feeling right and wrong and this camping day by day was getting stronger.

Many angels started complaining about Lucifer, and God had to take a solid decision for the peace of heaven. God banish Lucifer from the position of chief of the angels and drove him out of heaven.

Not only this, God drove all those angels out of heaven who were following Lucifer. After being thrown out of heaven, lucifer went into the spirit world with those angles that we know as hell.

Many people began to know lucifer also by name of saturn and their followers from angels became transformed into devil. Lucifer became the king of hell and he became a king of the underworld, who has always been against the gods.

Supernatural Power of Lucifer

Supernatural Power of Lucifer

Like other Angels, Lucifer is immortal. He has two wings, with the help of which it can fly very fast. These feathers look like an angels because Lucifer used to be the first angel.

He has all the demotic power that is with the gods of hell, and Lucifer is expert in deceiving and manupilate people.

Lucifer lives in trying to make 7 deadly sins, and for every sin he has appointed a master demons, who perform their work wisely.

He does this because God has created humans, and he wants to end humanity and captive our spirits in hell.

Lucifer is also known as the ruler of Hell.
People believe that the members of Illuminati worshiped Lucifer because they are also against jesus like lucifer, and therefore, they consider him as a disciple rather than a devil.

Control of Lucifer on Emily Rose (Anneliese Michel) 

Control of Lucifer on Emily Rose (Anneliese Michel)

You must know the name of Emily Rose. Her real name is Anneliese Michel.

Based on the life of Emily Rose, there is also a film made, whose name is 'Exorcism Of Emily Rose'. In which, Emily Rose was in the possession of devils.

This is a true story and this movie is based on a true event. There were 6 demons in Emily Rose's body and one of them was also Lucifer.

Apart from this, it is reported in the Old Testament that, Lucifer had taken many kings into his control.

In the same Testament it has also been written that, thousands of years later there will be a fight between God and Demons in which God will immerse Satan into a lake of fire. Because of that, he will not be able to manupilate any person for thousand years.

If you want to know about Lucifer and the rest of the devils, then I will suggest you to read this post - Seven Deadly Sinswhere I have told about seven sins and the devil associated with them and also told about their demonic power.

Please tell us what you think about Luici-fer and if you want to share something with us, then share you thoughts about it in the comment box.

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