What is Ghost? Know The 8 Sings of Ghost (With Video)

What is Ghost:

In today's post, I will tell you what is ghost and some things related to it.

What is Ghost:

We all have ever heard of ghost stories and ghosts. And nowadays, we get to hear the ghost stories, ghost videos somewhere, sometimes on YouTube, sometimes with our friends or anyone else. Now it is a matter of debate whether there really ghost exists in this world or not. Many people believe that there is nothing like ghost in this world.

On the other hand, some people believe in these things. Everyone has the complete right to own their thoughts. If you see where there day is, there is night too. Where there is false, there is truth too. So if it is seen that if God is, then even the devil will be there.

What is Ghost And Soul

It is an energy that lives after the death of the human body. When a person dies, then the energy that comes out of the body, is called a soul. Now the question is, who is the ghost?

The spiritual masters believe that after the death of a person, when their soul gets no stance, that is, they do not get heaven, and then they stay on earth and persecute humans, then they are called ghosts.

There are many types of ghosts, good ones, and bad ones too, and it depends on the nature of the human being. The person who does good works while living is still good after death and the person who does bad work while living in his life does bad work even after his death.

Simply put, if a person is engaged only in evil deeds during his lifetime, he is still bad after death. And the person who lives for the good of others and thinks of the interests of others and does only good deeds in his life, after he dies, he gets a heaven, that is, he does not have to wander.

How Does a Person Become a Ghost After Death?

In this subject I have researched how the person becomes a ghost after death. From this I came to know that there are many reasons for being a ghost. People believe that if a person dies in an accident then he becomes a ghost. 

And they also have to say that if a living person has suffered a great deal during his life time and no desire has been fulfilled, then even after his death his soul wanders in this world and keeps teasing people.

According to the Bhagavad Gita, it has been reported that if a person worships the devil during his lifetime, then he is born in the world of Satan even after death.

That is, if a person desires  of God, then he finds refuge in God, that is, he gets the heaven. And if a person worships Satan, then he lives in Satan's world after his death. It means, he gets the fruits according to his deeds.

Do The Ghosts Really Exist?

What is Ghost:

There have been many disputes in this subject. But as I said earlier, if God is, then there is also the devil. But now it comes that if there are ghosts, why do not we see it?

We all know that the source of electricity runs on the electric wire, but we can not see it. But when we touch the wire, then we feel a jerk. In the same way ghosts are ghosts but we do not see them, we can only feel it.

There are many signs of being ghost around you. There are some signs that tell you that there are ghosts in your house. As different things have different indications.

Similarly there are many signs of being present of the ghosts. According to experts, if you feel any signs of these signs, then be careful. What is that sign that signs of the spirits today we will show you in this post.

1. Burning and Extinguish of The Bulb

Spirit is a source of power and you will be surprised to know that the ghost can control the electricity. It will be a little surprised to hear this from you but this is what psychology and spiritual teachers say. If the bulb starts to burn or extinguish at some point, then this is a sign of the presence of the soul.

2. Pausing Frequent Stoppage of Moving Clock

If the clock at your house stops at a certain time while moving, then it is also a sign of ghost.

3. Strange Sounds And Music

If you hear the same voice over and over and you feel that someone is calling you, or you hear the music in a strange way, then you should understand that there is a ghost in your house.

4. Sudden Change in Room Temperature

Psychologist says that if the temperature of your room suddenly increases and your body temperature suddenly decreases, then it is a sign for you that there is someone else besides you, who is not of this world.

5. Smell of flowers

If you have gone to some place to roam and you suddenly get scent of flowers, then you will get out of that place as soon as possible, because there is someone else there who is not in this world.

6. Seeing The Face of The Dead People

If you see the face of dead people or your dead friends, then that means they want to say something to you. It has been seen that sometimes humans also see the faces of devils. If you do not know, then let me tell you that, in the film of Exorcism Of Emily Rose, Emily Rose had often seen the face of ghosts and Demons. (This post will help you to know about Emily Rose)

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7. Seeing The Shadow of Ghost

If you look at someone's shadow in your house, first of all, you have to confirm who's shadow is this. Sometimes we are afraid of seeing our shadow, but it is very important to confirm it. If there is a shadow of someone else in your house, then you should understand that there is a bad soul in your house.

8. The Ghost Automatically Turns on The Computer

If your computer or laptop is running all of a sudden and show some data in it that is not in your computer, then you should understand that there is no supernatural power at home.

Such an accident happened in an office in Delhi, where all computers suddenly started off and on. Many people believe there is a camp of ghosts. Now, how much truth is there in this, you see yourself in this video.

After reading this post, if you have any questions arising in your mind, so you can ask me any questions freely, and if you have any suggestions, then you can tell me on comment box, I will do my best to give your answer.

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