What is Education? Types of Education and Its Importance

What is Education

What is Education

To understand the values ​​of life it is very important to understand the importance of education, because the life without education can not be imagined. It does not only develop the ability to think, understand and learn within humans, but also the reason for happiness in the life of the person.

Education reveals all the things present in the world. Education completely transforms the person's mind and personality and provides a positive attitude.

Through education, one can be successful by achieving the goals of one's life. Education is the only source of happiness in human life. (What is Education)

Defination of Education

There is no definition of education, from time to time many scholars have presented different definitions of education.

According to Ravindra Nath Tagore

The highest education is that which makes a harmonious relationship with all existence in our lives.

According to Swami Vivekananda

Expressing the inherent perfection of human beings is education.

What is Education and The Meaning of Education

Education is the true meaning of learning, whether you learn from your parents or from society or from school and college. It is not that people are educated only by reading books. We can get education through any means.

Human beings are a social creature that attempts to educate their children the most. Any person who has any kind of education is called literate in society.

When a person completes his education with his efforts and if he becomes skill and valuable by staying in the society, then that person can truly be said to be educated.

And its most beautiful example would be Japan's education system. All students are given good education in Japan's school. They are not taught only by reading books. They believes that it is not education to pass the exam or to get a good number in the exam.

The importance of education for them is social service, helping others And their intention is to prepare their upcoming species for social welfare, so all the students in Japan's school take care of their school and clean the school themselves, and this is the biggest education for them.

Three Types of Education

1. Formal Education

The education that goes to school college and university, the same education is called formal education. The purpose of this education is to ensure all the text discussions and teaching methods. This plan is very strict.

The learner has to work according to the time schedule of the school, college and university. In this Education, there are arrangements for examinations and certification.

The biggest feature of this education is that the person cater to the needs of society and nation. It develops knowledge and skills in the person and makes him a system or qualifies for the industry. But this education system is very expensive. It has to spend more money, time and energy.

2. Informal Education

This education is not divided into schools, colleges and universities in the form of formal education. But like a formal education, purpose and curriculum is fixed in it. The only difference is in its plan, which is very flexible.

Its main purpose is to spread education and make education arrangements in society. Its curriculum has been made by keeping in the attention of learning learners.

Teaching methods, places of learning and time etc., are determined according to the convenience of the learners. Provide education, continuing education, open education, and distance education are all different forms of informal education.

3. Nonformal Education

This is education which is not planned. Those whose objectives are not fixed, neither the discussion of the teaching nor the teaching methods, and which keeps going on forever, are called informal education.

This education continues on human life and it has the greatest effect on it. Man keeps taking this education in every moment of life.

The child's first education is accomplished only in the informal environment by staying in the house.

When he comes to take informal education in school, he comes up with a personality, which is the result of his nonformal education.

Nelson Mandela's Thoughts About Education

Nelson Mandela once said, "Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world." "Education is a process for learning things around you.

It helps us to understand any object or situation easily, deal with any kind of problem and maintain balance in different dimensions throughout life.

Education is the first and most important right of all humans. We are incomplete without education, and our life is useless. Education encourages us to set a goal in our life and to move forward.

It improves our knowledge, skill, confidence and personality. It enhances the intellectual capacity of talking to others in our lives.

Education brings maturity and teaches people to live in changing environments. It is the path of social development, economic growth and technological advancement.

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