Do You Know These Intresting Facts About Japan?

Facts About Japan

Facts About Japan

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Japan, which is completely demolished in World War II, is also called the land of rising sun, and like its name, Japan has revived.

Surrounded by about 75% of the mountains and forests, this country lacks many resources. But after walking on the path of progress and development, today Japan has achieved a high level in one of the world's developed countries.

Like nature's unique circumstances, Japan's lifestyle is also unique. And in today's post, I will tell you about some of the intresting facts associated with Japan that you will be surprised to know.

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1. There are more than 5000 companies in the world, which are more than 200 years old, out of which more than 3,000 companies are in Japan.

2. Earthquakes are very common in Japan and this is very common for people of Japan. There are many earthquakes occurs in this country. Even the country had to face a nuclear attack. Yet this country is considered to be one of the most developed countries in the world and this country is number 1 country in technology.

3. A cafe in Japan is where love is sold. Yes it sounds awkward enough to hear but it is true. In Japan, there is a cafe where you can love waitree by giving some money to any waitress. But you can not make physical relation. You can embrace them, you can touch their hair. This is Japan's latest trend.

4. In Japan, the price of a watermelon is 1.4 lakhs and the value of a watermelon is similar to a car. yubari king melon, this is considered one of the world's most expensive food. In Japan in 2008 in an occasiona a square watermelon was sold for $ 24,000.

5. Sleep is acceptable during work in Japan's offices. Because it is believed that the person is tired due to more work and It is considered as proof of labor. It is important for you to know that people of Japan are considered to be the diligent in the world.

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6. It is said that the world's first novel was written in Japanese only. Which was written in the 11th century. It was later translated into English and its name was "The Tale of Ganji.

7. There is no fourth floor on any building in Japan. In Japan, the fifth floor comes after the third floor. They do not use 4 words in Japan because they treat these people as inauspicious.

8. In Japan, an unacceptable smile is given a great respect. If your normal teeth then your smile is not so important. But if you have two teeth, you will be respected very much. These teeth look like wampire, but if you have such a tooth, you will have a great respect in Japan.

9. Landing a plane in Japan is quite easy but it is very difficult to do toilet. There are so many unique toilt in Japan where there is no need to use your hands. Such a toilet is made where you will find that you are running plain. And more than that, you will also be able to see different types of strange toilet in Japan.

10. Fish food is most famous in Japan. Japanes consumes 17 million tonnes of fish every year, and Japan is at the forefront in seafood exports.

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11. If you are traveling in public transport in Japan, then you do not have to be respected to anyone. If you get up in the train or bus with the child, then do not expect anyone from you to expect that someone will give you to sit. It's a rule of travel in Japan. The one who comes first will sit first. Neither this seat is available to the women and not the children.

12. Japan's food is very strange. Here you get beer icecream, meat icecream, noodle icecream, and many icecream types. But it is said that the most of the richest person come here to taste icecream. These icecream flavors sold everywhere in Japan.

13. There is no restriction on fashoin in Japan. Anyone can wear anything according to their wishes. Japan's street fashion is very vibrant. There are many more colors in it. And because there is no restriction here, people wear very unique desizns clothes.

14. Many years ago, Japan's women used to darken their teeth because they believed that white teeth looked ugly.

15. In Japan trains are not run by the government. Here trains are run by different companies. The trains here are run very fast with puntuality. In 2003, the average late train time was 6 seconds. And this thing is so strange that this news also comes in the newspaper headlines of Japan.

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16. In Japan there is an island which runs rabbit. During the second world war some rabbits were brought here for a secret research. But that research had completely failed so the rabbits were left abandoned. There are so many rabbits today that they have no limit.

17. When people of Japan meet each other, instead of shaking hands, they bend in front of each other. The less they bow down, the more respect they want to convey.

18. It is said that Japan is a very safe place. If we keep our purse at such public place, then even after one hour, it remains there.

19. Cartoons are being made in Japan from the 12th century. There is a lot of paper use in making cartoons.

20. For those who do not have houses in Japan, the doors of McDonalds are always open and they can stay in the restaurant.

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21. Public Transport of Japan

This country, which values ​​public transport, is famous for punctuality in the world. Where about 80% of the total population of Japan travels by public transport. This transport system, which runs on time, sometimes goes late due to bad weather and traffic.

In time, this delay only takes 5 to 10 minutes. But in Japan, it is expressed in written form. Due to the delay in the train, the staff of the train apologizes to the passengers themselves, and they explain the reason for the delay.

22. Education For Society

Educating its citizens is the basic duty of every country. Because education is an important contributor to the creation of the best society. If you think that the knowledge of books is the definition of being educated, then it is not so.

Rather, social knowledge and respect for others are the only basis for being educated. The best sample of which is seen in Japanese schools. Where students take care of their school themselves without any employees. Because Japanese people believe that the social life can be structured by the schools.

23. Adult Adoption

Even after a lot of efforts, if a couple does not have any children, then they adopt other children legally so that their family becomes complete. But unlike that, Japanese people adopt an adult who is 20 to 30 years old. There is a hidden reason for this trend that is strange in hearing.

There is no harm to the inheritance of their business, so Japanese people do this. Where they adopts a capable person to give all their business work in his hand, so that their business can run thousands of years.

24. Capsule Hotel

Capsule hotel is a unique example of Japanese social life. Capsule Hotel is a specialty of Japanese social life. This hotel in Japan has a room of 7 feet in length, which has all the features of TV, A.C, wifi. In 1979, this idea was born for the first time in Japan's Osaka city.

Whereas people coming from other countries were not able to stay in expensive hotels, this Capsule Hotel was built for them. These hotels are provided with all the facilities to relax for any ordinary person. Due to this specialty, this hotel is famous in Japan and Japan all over the world.

25. Spirit Forest

A forest named auki gehra, which is known as 'Spirit Forest'. According to statistics, more than 100 people commit suicide every year. There are many beliefs behind this horrible forest. Some people believe that there are evil spirits in these jungle.

At the same time some people believe that due to the geographical conditions of this forest, people wander their way, which is immpossible to find him, without any help, and those who are disappointed with their life, they find this forest friendly for suicide. Because of this incident, the Japanese government has banned this.

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