These 15 Tips Will Help You How to Be Happy in Life

How to Be Happy:

How to Be Happy in Life:

Often, my friends and some people ask me how to be happy in life. Some of them are also those who always keep looking for happiness in their money. But let me tell you that I have seen such people who have millions of property but there is no happiness in their life. 

Even after having so many properties, they can not even eat properly. Therefore, people who find their happiness in money, they can not be happy in their life. So the question arises, how to be happy in life?

There are so many ways to be happy, but some of them are like this, which are very wonderful and so today I am going to share these tips with you. I request you to read this post till the end. Because it will take a little time reading this post. But this little time, will be important to bring happiness in your life. 

How to Be Happy in Life

How to Be Happy in Life:

These 14 Tips Will Help You How to Be Happy in Life

1. Wake up Early Morning

When we get up before sunrise, we have a different experience and it seems that as nature is welcoming us for a new day. Some time before sunrise, the sky is amazing and it seems as if a new energy is being transmitted inside us. You will have a different feeling in the air that runs in the morning, and your mind will get a different happiness.

Live With 3 E's

● Energetic

Always be energetic, because it has been seen that those who are energetic, they do every work easily. While the lazy person keeps avoiding his work, he avoid him saying that he will do that work some time later, because of which, the work that they wanted to do, could not do that work on time. Which is why happiness never comes in their life.

Always being energetic does not even lead to laziness and the mind always keeps tight, which is the root cause of happiness.

How to Be Happy in Life:

● Enthusiasm

The person who desire for do something new in his mind every day, and the desire for learn something new, that person can also do any work smartly. If you do all the work of your day with full enthusiasm, then you will see how successful your day has been, and because of this our mind is happy with itself automatically.

● Empathy

Keeping the affection of compassion towards others reflects the humanity of all human beings. If you feed food to any hungry with your capable, you will not be able to greet your happiness that you will get, and if you have fed to any hungry, then you can tell me on comment box. Because your comment means a lot to me.

3.  Pray For Others, Not For You

None of the people currently thinks of others. They work only for themselves that they keep themselves happy, and due to which they earns lot of money, but they do not get peace of mind and they keep seeking happiness.

But let me tell you that my Master (Swami Swarupananda Parashans) had said this, that who wants to do good things for himself, from the God, they does not find that peace and happiness in the world, which they are looking for. You will get happiness only when you pray to God for others.

That's because when you pray for others, the God gives you 100 times the reward for your prayer. Therefore, whatever religion you belong to, always pray for others. Do it once a time, you will get a inner happiness from inside.

4. True Happiness Comes From Meditation

People spend a lot of money to get happiness. But they do not get peace and happiness. Peace and happiness are hidden inside man's mind, and the only way to recognize that peace and happiness is meditation.

Meditation relaxes your mind and increases the positive energy in your mind. By meditating our hearts, we get to know that how can we find true happiness.

There are many benefits to doing meditation. I wrote this topic a post about what the meditation is, and how we can benefit from it. In that post, I also told how I have benefited from meditation. To know all the information you can click here. - What is Meditation and how it became very effective for humankind. 

5. Make Good Friends 

How to Be Happy in Life:

Photo by Helena Lopes from Pexels

Former president Dr. Apj abdul Kalam had said that 'One best book is equal to hundred good friends, but one good friend is equal to a library.' From his point of view, we have come to know that by becoming true and good friends, we will never have any grief in life.

Being a good friend whenever you are depressed in life, you will definitely find your friends with you always, and whenever you needs his support, a good friend always supoort you and gives you right decision, and this is the basic mantra of being happy in Life.

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6. Play More Games

Parents understand that playing a game is a bad influence on the children. But in reality this does not happen. It has been seen that those who play games 2 to 3 hours a day, their ability to intelligece is more than that of other people who do not play games.

And playing games on the other side creates a different energy inside us, and it will help you to reduce your our stress level. Therefore playing games in Limits is also good for health, and this scientist and doctor has also been proved.

7. Spend Time With Children and Adult

How to Be Happy in Life:

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Have you ever spent time with little child and an elderly person? If you have not spent it, then start spending time with them from today. After meeting the elderly person, you will know about them. Try to know about the ups and downs in their life. Know their life story about their experience. Because besides them, there is no one to give you good advice.

Second and if you spend time with a little child then at that time you will forget all the misery of the world. If you are not believe, then spend 2 3 hours with the kids. You will definitely get results.

8. Forgive Everyone to Everything

If you have been hurt by somebody, or someone has done a bad thing with you, then in your mind an irony and hatred is born to that person. In such a case, if the person asks for forgiveness, then forgive him.

Because forgiving him, you will also get you a peace. Because not everyone can forgive anyone. Only God can do it, and if you forgive someone, then you too will be lifted up in the eyes of that person, and this will keep a happiness inside you.

9. Stay Away From Bad Friends or Bad People

Always make contact with the good people in life, because only those people will be with you in the worst time. If you make relation to the bad people, those people will never be with you in your misery. So always make friends with the right person and the true person.

10. Be satisfied with what you have

Every person has the desire to get something, and that is also the only reason for suffering. Your partner or friend has some expensive things that you do not have.

And if the greed of getting the same thing comes to our mind then we keep on trying to get that thing. But when we can not find that thing, then we also suffer a lot.

Some people are unhappy even after seeing others happiness. But this does not mean that you stop moving ahead of others. Keep trying, but never feel jealous.

11. Forget About The Past

Often we take small things to heart, and then keep thinking about them all the time. But have you ever thought that, about which you are depressed all the time and take a bit of bitterness towards your dear friend or relationship and kneel inside, which only affects your health Also, you do not even feel like doing anything.

Therefore, instead of being miserable throughout your life, take a lesson from life and go ahead and start celebrating the happiness of life.

12. Work Hard

Do any work in such a way that God too should be forced to think about giving you its fruit and other people also expect you to fulfill the difficult task. With a good result from hard work you will find happiness from people's blessing.

13. Think Positive

If you want to get pleasure, then you can only get it with Positive Thinking. Negativity in life is such a darkness, which snatches our happiness from us, bites those of us who throw us into the immaculate sky and fill us with immense pleasures. Therefore, to move ahead, to increase the happiness, we should adopt Positivity and stay away from negativity.

14. Read Books

Only Knowledge help you to take the right and wrong decision. If someone says what the total capital of human, then its direct answer will be knowledge. Without knowledge people can not be happy and true knowledge comes from reading books. So read books whenever you find time.

15. Join Facebook Funny Groups and Memes Groups

This is my personal experience and in this way you will get happiness for some time. And believe it gives me great happiness. You may feel funny, but I feel very happy about it.

Whenever I am sad, or my mind is depressed, I am happy to see the memes and funny picture on the internet. There are several groups and pages on social sites that share good memes and comedy quotes, which makes us happy. That's why I would suggest that you join such a group.

Last lines for you.....

In the end, I want to say the same thing that stay always happy. For every little thing that you have and learned to live completely every day. If you find time, help others too.😊😊

So, I hope you have liked this article, and for encourage me, please share this post with your loved ones. And If you have any question, then share your thoughts in the comment box below. Your comment means a lot to me.

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