Top 10 Famous Indian Comedians

Famous Indian Comedians:

Everyone does comedy, but making a place in the heart of people from his comedy is not the only thing of everyone.

In today's post, I am going to tell you about some of the comedians of India who have won the hearts of People by their tremendious acting and performance and people have made them India's greatest comedian.

Well, there are many comedians in India, and everyone's ability is more than one, and among them I have given the names of a few selected comedians, who have got a lot of fame in India.

Top 10 Famous Indian Comedians

1. Johnny Lever

Famous Indian Comedian

John Prakash Rao alias Johnny Lever is an Indian comedian actor. He is famous for his comic timing in Hindi cinema. Johnny Lever is India's first stand comedian. He has been awarded the Filmfare Award 13 times so far. He has worked in more than 350 films in Bollywood so far.

Johnny Lever has not only appeared on the big screen, but the small curtains, he has also shown the flames of his comedy. Johnny is the President of the 'Cinee and T.V artist association'. Apart from this he is also the President of the Mimcry Artist Association Mumbai. His very specialty gave him a chance to perform stage shows, and in India, he was named the top of comedian.

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2. Akshar Kumar

Famous Indian Comedians

The real name of Akshar Kumar is Rajiv Bhatiya, along with being a famous film actor, he is also well versed in producer and martial arts. Akshay Kumar used to work as a waiter and cook in the city before becoming a film actor.

To fulfill his need, Akshay Kumar did many small tasks. When Akshay started modeling, his first earning was 20000 rupees. After that he thought that he would make his career in acting and later he did many small modeling.

After working in some minor films, he also did an acting course to improve his acting and after that he got a chance in the movie 'Today' but he had no credit role in it. Initially, his films did not receive a special response. The actor's name was Akshay in that film and Rajiv Bhatia liked Akshay's name so much that he gave his name Akshay Kumar.

By acting in 1991's film Saugand, he started his film career. After that, he has acted in many hit films, and most of them, he got fame for comedy films. He has also worked as a hero in many comedy films like, Hera Pheri, Phir Hera Pheri, De Dana Dan etc. He is also known as Khiladhi (The player) in Bollywood.

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3. Kapil Sharma

Famous Indian Comedians

Kapil Sharma has won the hearts of everyone from his comedy. From old age to old, everyone recognizes him. In his life, Kapil Sharma fought many struggles, and due to this struggle, he became the one of the famous comedian of India today.

In childhood, when he did not have the money to pay his school fees, then he worked in a PCO. During college education, he used to mimic his college teacher, and from the same college he started his acting and comedy. Listening to own appreciation from the people, he decided that he would make his career in acting and comedy.

Initially, he had to face failure, but later due to his ability, he started earning his name in the comedy filed. With the advent of his comedy, he gradually won the hearts of all Indians. And today he has reached this point that he started his show 'Comedy Nights With Kapil Sharma'. Due to their tremendous comedy in today's times, people call him as Comedy King.

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4. Rajpal Yadav

Famous Indian Comedians

Rajpal Yadav is a comedian of Hindi films who is known for his comic rolls in Hindi cinema. He is famous for his comic timing due to Bollywood. He is one of the funniest comedians of Hindi films.

It was a sequel to the serial 'Haseen Sapne', which was broadcast on Doordarshan. He succeeded in doing negative roles but later he paid more attention to the comedy rolls. After this he became the main comedian of Hindi films

5. Sunil Grover

Famous Indian Comedians

Sunil Grover is an Indian artist and stand-up comedian. Grover started his career with Jaspal Bhatti. In the early stages Sunil Grover worked very hard and he got RJ's work in a Radio Mirchi.

This show proved to be very effective for Sunil and also got Best RJ award for this. After which Sunil Grover also worked in many small shows and TV serials. Facing a lot of difficulties, Sunil Kapoor finally got the chance to act in the biggest stage show.

On Sony TV, he got an opportunity to work on Kapil Sharma's Comedy Nights Show. In that show, he has earned the highest fame. Sunil Grover got a lot of name in this show, and after the show, he got a chance to work in films as well.

Sunil Grover takes Rs 10 to 12 lakhs as hard work for each of his shows, so his earnings are around 2 crore. The special thing about Sunil's acting is that he plays the role of any charecter with his heart, and that's why everyone likes his acting.

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6. Paresh Rawal

Famous Indian Comedians

Paresh Rawal is also known as the India's biggest comedy king. He had come to Mumbai with a dream of engineering, but he got an opportunity to work in some TV shows and films. And gradually today he became the comedy king of Bollywood. 

Paresh Rawal started his acting career with the film Holi 1984. Paresh Rawal acted as assistant actor in this film. In some movies, Paresh Rawal had a hero role but later in Rawal, he started appearing in villains' roles. Paresh Rawal played Villain's role in more than 100 films from 1980 to 1990.

Rawal has also worked in many comedy films. People still love Paresh Rawal for his role in Akshay Kumar and Sunil Sette in his HERA PHERI movie. Paresh Rawal has also got the Best Comedy Actor of the Year Award for Manipuri 1999.

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7. Govinda

Famous Indian Comedians

Govinda is an Indian film actor who is known for his work in Bollywood films. Govinda's career started with the film 'Iljaam' which was a super hit at the box office.

After this he worked in many films and all his work was appreciated. The time between 1990 and 1999 was very good for them. His films and his acting were appreciated by the audience, as well as his success at the box office.

The special thing of Govinda's acting was that when he used to act, he played a chearerch. Seeing his immotional scenes, people cried and And when he used to do comedy scenes, people laughing very much after watching his comedy. With the acting, he is also a master of dance and expression.

Govinda's first release film was ILZAAM and the film was one of the top five films of that time. He also worked many superhit films in his life which gave him the love of all the people in India.

In addition to the film, Govinda also goes to reality shows and dance programs. Whether television or any reality show, Govinda won the heart of everyone with his comedy.

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8. Zakir Khan

Famous Indian Comedians

Due to a different style of his comedy, zakir has created its own separate space in the heart of the people. Zakir Khan is a stand-up comedian and due to his comedy, today every teenager knows his name very well. Along with being a comedian, he is also a scriptwriter and a poet. He is a stage performar and ye performs in different cites.

Before becoming a comedian, he had a lot of struggle in life. It was also a time that they did not even have money for something to eat. After that he started focusing more on his passion.

In 2012, he participated in India's Best Standup Comedian and also succeeded in winning the show. After being successful in the comedy show, he had become quite famous and his fame started spreading in the hearts of the people. But his popularity grew even more when he performed in a stand-up comedian of a Indian YouTube channel AIB.

After that, his popularity grew, and after seeing his popularity, Amazon signed him for show in Amazon Prime. In today's time, he performed not only in India, but also in Philippines, Singapore and many other countries. For his comedy, he is well knowed in many countries.

9. Shakti Kapoor 

Famous Indian Comedians

Sunil Sikandarlal Kapoor alias Shakti Kapoor is an Indian actor. He has played the role of humor and villain in many films. He has worked in more than 700 films in his career so far. Shakti Kapoor is in the movie industry today, he has worked hard in this industry to reach.

In the year 1980, Shakti Kapoor got to be identified as actor and that year, his two films 'Kurbani' and 'Rocky Blockbuster' hit films and both of these films, he had a role of the main villain. He is not only a good villain but also a very good mimicry artist and very good comedian.
Even today his dialogues are very much liked.

10. Ali Asgar 

Famous Indian Comedians

In the era of early acting career in 1992, he struggle a lot, and started acting as an assistant artist in the movies. Little scenes were given to Ali in acting. He made several hit shows of small screens.

Not only for good acting, but for his comedy, he has earned a lot of fame. Ali had already made his debut with his finest acting, but after coming to the show Kapil Sharma, he won the hearts of all Indians by showing his tremendious acting.

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