21 Intresting And Basic Facts About Canada

Basic Facts About Canada:

Basic Facts About Canada 1 to 5

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Basic Facts About Canada, 1 to 5

1. The name of Canada is derived from the word "kanata", which means "village".

2. If you are interested in going to the beach then Canada is the perfect place. Because these countries are the world's largest sea-shore country with 2,02,080 kilometers of coastline.

3. It is said that in Ontario has the smallest prison in the world, which is only 24.3 square meters high.

4. In Canada, you can not take the snake with you on the public place. Because doing so here is illegal.

5. The highest mountain in Canada is Mount Logan, which height is 5,959 meters.

Basic Facts About Canada 1 to 5

Basic Facts About Canada, 6 to 10

6. The capital of Canada is Ottawa and Canada's largest city is Toronto.

7. Canada is a country in northern part of North America. And the area of ​​this country is 9,984,680 square kilometers.

8. It would not be wrong to call Canada a land of lakes. The number of lakes in Canada is more than the number of lakes all over the world, and 20 percent of the world's clean water is in Canada's lakes only. There are about 561 lakes here.

9. Canada won the gold medal in the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

10. In terms of area, Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia.

Basic Facts About Canada, 11 to 15

11. 50% of the world's newspapers are published only in Canada and America.

12. The border of Canada and America is the world's largest land border. And due to its largeness, there is always a shortage of soldiers in the border here.

13. In the year 1947, Canada was so cold that its minimum temperature was recorded -63'C .

14. There are around 25,000 polar beers in the world, and only 15500 are found in Canada only.

15. In Canada, people often play hockey in the sea. Because the water of the ocean gets frozen from the cold.

Basic Facts About Canada, 16 to 21

16. You will not be convinced that the U.S. had attacked Canada two times. The first attack was done in 1775 and the second attack was in 1812, but the US had to face defeat both times.

Basic Facts About Canada 1 to 5

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17. Canada is the most educated country in the world. More than half of the people in this country have a college degree.

18. Forests occupy about 30 percent of the land on Canada.

19. Because of the abundance of natural oils and uranium in Canada, it is a rich country.

20. There is only one desert in Canada, which is in British Columbia and it is only 15 miles long. It is the only desert in the world where boardwalk has been installed for passengers to walk.

21. The Hotel de Glace, in Canada Quebec, is built every year with 400 tonnes of ice and 12,000 tonnes of snow. It melts every summer and it is made every year in the winter season.

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