Amazing Facts of Bible That You Did't Know

Facts of Bible

Facts of Bible 1 to 5

Facts of Bible, 1 to 5

1. Bible is the world's most read and selling book. About 100 million copies of the Bible are sold every year.

2. The Bible is from the Greek language biblia. Which means "Books". The word Bible is derived from the ancient city of Byblos.

3. The Bible was written in three languages, Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek. Most of the Old Testament books were written in Hebrew. Some books were written in Aramaic and the new rule was written in Greek.

4. Some parts of the Bible are written by the kings. But other parts of the Bible are written by the farmer, fisherman, prophet, doctor, professional writer, businessman, musician and pastor.

5. The biography of Jesus Christ in the Bible is written about his preaching and the work done by his disciples. Many of these myths are also described.

Facts of Bible, 6 to 10

6. The Bible is translated in 352 original languages. It was partially translated into 2883 languages.

7. The Bible was written on three continents, mostly written in Israel, some were written in Egypt and many new rules were written in Europe.

8. There is not a single work in the Bible, but it involves various types of work, such as the work of shepherds, kings, peasants, priests, poets, classical and fishermen.

9. The Bible is printed mostly in China compared to other countries in the world.

10. It is illegal to keep or read Bible in North Korea. For which you may be sentenced to death.

Facts of Bible, 11 to 15

Is an institution that sends the Bible in North Korea through parachute.

12. Columbus was very inspired by the Bible, so he often used to write some lines of the Bible in his letters.

13. The Bible has forbid to swear by the Bible. For this reason, before the witness was given to any Christian in the Indian court, the oath of the Bible is not given.

14. There is no description of the body texture and appearance of Christ in the Bible.

15. According to a story from the Bible, God sent two bears to kill 42 children only because they were joking because of a man's baldness.

Facts of Bible, 16 to 20

16. According to the Bible, all the living creatures and all living beings on it were created by God 6000 years ago.

17. In the 17th century Europe, it was believed that the skeletons of dinosaurs were the remains of those monsters that have been described in the Bible.

18. Do you know that mentioned in the Bible that, all the villains have red hair.

19. The last word in the Bible is Amen

20. According to a author, God killed about 25 million people in the Bible, and the devil kills about 60 people.

Facts of Bible, 21 to 22

21. You will be surprised to know the facts that the world's smallest bible may fit at the tip of a pen.

22. The world’s largest Bible weighs 1,094 pounds.

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