Who is Mona Lisa? Do You Know About These Secrets of Monalisa

Who is Mona Lisa:

Who is Mona Lisa:

There are very few people in the world who are remembered after their death for their art. Among them is a famous artist Mr. Leonardo Da Vinci.

During the Italian monarchy, Leonardo Da Vinci was known as an artist, scientist and discoverer. To this day, he is remembered for his talent.

Archeology Veda has given him the status of the most talented artist in the world.

Leonardo Da Vinci was born on April 15, 1452 in the city of Vicni, Italy. In fact, the word Vinci in Leonardo Da Vinci is not his surname, but his birthplace.

As you know from the name of Leonardo da Vinci to his death, all is a big secret. So today I will bring the mystery of his most famous painting Mona Lisa to you.

One of the most famous and mysterious painting in the world is Mona Lisa Paintings, which has forced the world to think.

I know that after hearing about Mona Lisa painting will be raise many questions in your mind. So today I will give you answers to all those questions.

It is believed that Mona Lisa's smile changes with different angle. The experts say there are many secrets of this painting and many people have not recognized the hidden aliens in the painting of Mona Lisa for 500 years, today I have brought all the secrets in before you.

Who is Mona Lisa

Who is Mona Lisa

Many scientists believe that Da Vinci has displayed himself as a woman in that painting. But none of these is also true. If we look at any person of that time, then the look of Mona Lisa's does not match any person. So finally who is Mona Lisa? To know this secret, first of all I have to tell an unheard story related to Da Vinci.

Da Vinci's close friend wrote a letter to him and this letter got in 2005 and according to that letter it was written in October 1503. When that letter was written, Da Vinci was working on the painting of one of his friends Frencesco Del Giocondo. Giocondo's wife was named Lisa Giocondo.

In the joy of second son birthday and the new home, Giocondo asked Da Vinci to make his wife lisa's painting. So on the basis of this letter, we know that at the time the letter was written, then Da Vinci was working on the painting of Mona Lisa.

But we can not fully say that the painting of Mona Lisa is Lisa Del Giocondo. It has been said by scientists that Lisa's gesture does not resemble Monalisa.

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A Scientist Reveal The Secret of Behind The Painting of Mona Lisa

In 2004, a scientist whose name was Pascal Cottee, removed the many different layers of paiting, with the help of specter light technology of high-intensity light and multi lense, to the painting of Mona Lisa.

And by doing so, the whole world was surprised by what he found out. Because with that experiment it came to know that the paint used in his painting, was 40 micrometres, that is, it was even thin than a hair.

There are three layers in this painting. In the painting of Mona Lisa, the painting of someone else is hidden. But the shocking thing is that this painting is very similar to the face of Lisa Condo. Da Vinci created the shape of lisa in that painting.

But Da Vinci did not like the face of Lisa. For this reason, Da Vinci further modified this painting and made Mona Lisa's picture above the same painting.

A Deep Secret Behind The Smile of Mona Lisa

Who is Mona Lisa

As I have told you that seeing Mona Lisa from different angles keeps changing her smile. Sunderland University once surveyed Mona Lisa's paintings with her Volunteers. In which it came out that Mona Lisa seems to be smiling when looking from a distance.

But when we only see his photo, then her lips seem to be slightly leaned. For which reason Monalisa seems sad sometimes. Da Vinci has used a technic to create this painting, which is called sufu motu.

No outline is used in this technique, and if there any outline used, then it is mixed with many colors. To date, no human has been able to do this technic with the perfection of it, as much as the da Vinci has done.

But Mona Lisa's changing smile is not just this secret. Actually, the secret is that when we look in the eyes of Monalisa, it is similar to the eyes of a happy person. But when we look at the lips of Mona Lisa, the smile disappears.

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Hidden Message Behind The Painting

There is also a hidden message inside the painting of Mona Lisa. Da Vinci was an expert artist to hide messages inside pictures. A message is hidden on the left hand of the painting of Monalisa.

When the different part of the painting was being closely monitored then some letters were found which were written by Dr. Vinci in that painting.

If those letters are seen as chronological, then the words were, 'La Risposta si Trova Qui' were written in Italian language. It means 'The Answer is Here'.

To date, many people have tried to find out the secret that is hidden in the painting of Monalisa. However, a popular web site Paranormal Crucible has claimed that an alien in the painting of Monalisa is hidden.

This sounds very strange in listening. If the left side of the painting of Mona Lisa joins the mirror, then we get the face of an alien in that picture.

But the most important thing is that we get the picture of aliens in the place,, where Da Vinci had wrote that 'answer is here.' But this thing is not completely true and there is no authentication of this news.

And still a lot of people are trying to figure out what is the secret behind the painting of Monalisa. And so far the mystery of this painting has not been solved and a lot of people say that this mystery has been solved, but thats not true.

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