What is Fear and How to Overcome Fear (Complete Guide)

What is Fear:

What is Fear:

Fear is one of the most unpleasant experiences of life. Whatever you fear, in fact it is not as scary as it is the fear itself. Everybody is afraid of something.

If someone says that he does not feel afraid of anything, then he will be a liar. Fears seems to everyone, but some people adopt the correct way of dealing with it, by which they leave behind many fears of life. Fear is one thing that prevents us from moving forward.

Nowadays we have so much negativity around us that the mind does not think well. There are very few people who encourage one another.

In the race to move forward, people leave behind each other. Due to the wrong environment all around, people don't trust in each other. This thinking is sat inside of us, and then it comes in some form of fear. But there are so many ways to eliminate this fear. In this topic, today we will give you complete information about the fear.

First of All Know, What is Fear?

What is Fear?

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In the heart of man, the empire of fear remains forever. Sometimes the fear of insult, sometimes the fear of going away from anyone. That is why fears seems to be natural to everyone. But in reality the fear is merely the imagination of the coming pain. Actually, it has no relation with reality. But maybe, the question arises in your mind that what I am saying.

To clear your confusion, I have told you a story below. From this story you will know that fear is just inside us, and this is just the illusion of our mind.

There was a boy who was very afraid of darkness. At night he used to did not come out of his house. He used to think that the ghost would catch him in the dark, that is why he used to did not get out of his room at night.

Seeing all this, his grandmother asked him why he was so scared. He told his grandmother that if he would come out at night, then ghost would catch him. That's why he is afraid to go out at night.

Her grandmother explained to him that there is nothing like ghost. All this is illusion of your mind. His grandmother assured him that you remember God's name, nobody can do anything to you.

He got some courage by hearing about his grandmother and he got out of the room. From that day onwards, he feels that God is with him and with the same faith he has won the darkness and he faced the fear.

Moral : What we are afraid of, often we have to face it. But fears is only an illusions of our mind, which tells us about the consequences in the future which is not really happens anything like that.

Why Do We Feel Scared?

Why Do We Feel Scared?

If you think of this process of fears as a calm mind, you will be surprised at how complex the human mind is, but knowing this, you will definitely enjoy it, because in life, you may had afraid  sometimes.

In fact, whenever we feel a thing or a voice around us, which we can not see or know. So the sign of the name of the Thelemus in the brain sends the part from which the images and thoughts are born in our brain.

Since the brain can not draw any picture of this thing or the voice, then the thelemus sends this sign to the other parts of the brain. When this signal reaches the part from which the adrenaline and stress hormone produces, then the brain starts releasing the hormones, and we begin to feel the fear and anxiety.

The same signal reaches the part of the name of the glutamate with the help of the neuron, then we get ideas from running, screaming or fighting from there. This reaction to escape or fight brings a kind of enthusiasm in the body and our heart accelerates the blood pumping.

All of these processes happen many times, so due to the increase in blood pressure, the heartbeats start beating very rapidly. Which you can feel at the time of fear. In this entire process many times the body starts feeling weak or dizzy and the person falls unconscious.

What Psychologists Say

Psychologists have suggested that fear of some of the innate feelings found in all humans is one. Other innate feelings found in humans are anger, anxiety, happiness, horror, panic and sadness. However, there is a difference between fear and anxiety.

Although these emotions are closely related to one another, anxiety is often in the form of danger which is considered inevitable or uncontrollable. Amigdala is the place in our mind, which is related to fear. It is located behind our pituitary gland.

Amigdala produces hormones which affects aggression and fear. Once the sensation of fear and aggression has arisen, then Amigdala completes the release of hormones, which puts the person in a condition of caution, from which the person runs and moves forward.

Reasons of Fear

There are many reasons for fear. There are different types of fear in different people's minds. Someone is scared of height, someone is scared of the exam and someone is afraid of being death. According to the problem of all, they have different types of fear.

How to Overcome Fear

How to Overcome Fear

First of all I request you to watch this video where Sadhguru explain about fear.

Beneficial ways to get rid of fear. 

1. Meditation

Meditation is the best way to over come fear. If you believe in God, then pass this time in prayer with God. Meditation means concentration and listening to your mind's voice. Forgetting the things of the world for a while, listen to the voice of the soul inside your mind.

Whatever the matter, fear is bothering you, tell it to God, and put it in his steps. By doing this, you will feel an inner strength. Your mind will be calm and your mind will think positively.

2. Be Confident

Trusting others is a good thing, but today's world does not allow us to do this. First, trust God. Remember that the Lord is for us, he is with us, he never disappoints those who believe in him.

After that trust yourself. Only confident people move forward in the world. Do not depend on others, work on your own and complete your dreams.

3. Set Goals 

We do not have any direction or goal in life, and because of this we go astray. Wrong thoughts, diabolical things, because of all of this, fears sat inside our mind. You will be happy with the little victory won by achieving the goal, the confidence will increase, which will reduce your fear too.

4. Be Real

Fears is worse than reality. The people who have ever been attacked, every time they get out of the house, live in fears that they will not be attacked again. But, in reality, they are less likely to be attacked again.

In the same way, some people think that when they are self-centered, they start to feel ashamed. With this they become more upset But, blushing in a stressful situation is quite normal. After knowing this, their fear ends.

5. Conquer Your Fear

Make a list of everything that you are afraid of. Keep the most fearsome work done, and think about how to complete it. As these things happen, your all fears will end.

You can also list your weaknesses, strengths. Nobody knows better than you, what is your weakness or strength. Many times we do not think of ourselves in this direction. If you know all this about yourself then you will be able to get rid of yourself in such a situation better.

6. Talk To Your Close Friends

Not talking about fears only gives it a chance to grow. Talking about him gives a way to overcome it. In this regard, you can talk to your friends or family members about this.

If you do not want to do this then you can talk to a psychiatrist about this. A psychiatrist will help you diagnose the underlying cause of your fear.

7. Give Yourself a Reward

When you do something that you are afraid to do, reward yourself for your success. Do any work of your choice.

Watch the movie or party with friends. Remember, fear seems to everyone, throat drains everyone, but do not be scared of fear, because there is a victory ahead of fear.

8. Strong Base

Good sleep, healthy diet and excursions are very effective in removing stress, anxiety and fear. To overcome stress and fear, most people start using alcohol and intoxication. They believe that this will make them feel better. However, this does not improve situation rather it get worse.

Final words

We hope you have enjoyed this post if you have any suggestions and questions, then please tell us by commenting. Because your suggestion is very important to me.

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