What is Bollywood | History of Bollywood

What is Bollywood:

What is Bollywood:

Film has become the most popular means of entertainment in the modern era. Hindi cinema started in India during the period of independence.

Dada Saheb Phalke has cited the cinema in India with personal efforts. Then gradually people are attracted to cinema. Today the Indian film industry is competing with world cinema.

Cinema has spread throughout the world. Films are being made in almost all languages ​​of the world. In India also movies are made in all major languages.

Among them, the national language of India is the most respected of the movies made in Hindi which is also known as bollywood film and today we will give you information related to bolly-wood.

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What is Bollywood

Bollywood is the only word used for Mumbai cinema. But those who do not know, they feel that this word is used for entire Indian cinema in which movies are made in Hindi language. Because most Indians like to watch Hindi movie.

Bollywood's name is on the basis of English cinema industry of Hollywood. The Hindi film industry is mainly located in the city of Mumbai. The city of Mumbai is also known as the city of dreams.

Bolly-wood films are beating hearts of people of India, Pakistan and many countries of the world. The name of Bollywood was made by two words mixed with the first Bombay and the second Hollywood.

Hollywood is a city in America's Los Angeles, which is a major center for the American film industry and therefore became the word 'Hollywood' for its cinema.

Every year Bollywood produces many films, most of which are romance, drama, comedy and action. Hindi films are made by using emotions, songs, revenge, discrimination in poor and rich, using a lot of variety. There are also songs in hindi movies which are very popular in today's time.

Dialogues And Songs 

Dialogue and songs are the most popular in hindi movies. People always remember their dialogue and music more than hindi movies. Good dialogues is stayed longer than film.

dialogue remains on the lips of every one from village to city. Thousands of such dialogues have been spoken in Hindi cinema, which was applauded.

Some Important Things Related to Bollywood

1. Bollywood was created in the beginning of the year 1900.

2. Bollywood is made in Hindi language, which can also be dubbed in different languages.

4. Films are made in different forms along with love, romance, sentiment, action, change etc. in Bollywood.

5. Most Bolly-wood films are mostly up to 2-3 hours.

6. The number of songs in hindi film is very high. There are 5 songs to 7 songs in almost every film.

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