Do You Know About These 26 Tigers Facts ?

Tigers Facts:

Tigers are one of the most beautiful animals on this earth. There are many species of tigers. Some species of tigers have disappeared over time and some species are on the verge of extinction.

And many organizations of the world observe the tigers day on July 29 for the protection of those tigers. And today we will get know about some facts of tigers which are very interesting. (Tigers Facts)

Know About These 26 Tigers Facts

Tigers Facts

Tigers Facts 1 to 5

1. The power to watch at night in Tiger is 6 times higher than humans.

2. Tigers mark their paws on trees and declare their area using their urine.

3. Unlike the other cat family, Tiger is a good swimmer.

4. The weight of a tiger is more than 300 grams.

5. The tiger was declared a national animal by the Indian Wild Life Board in 1972 instead of the lion.

Tigers Facts 6 to 10

6. Tiger's body is strong and color is brown. Which has a black strip.

7. Tiger weighs approx 300 kg.

8. Project Tiger was launched in 1973 to protect tigers in India.

9. Tigers symbolize the prosperity of India's wildlife.

10. Like the fingerprints of human beings, the stripes on the skin of each tiger are different from each other.

Tigers Facts 11 to 15

11. Tigers often take the sound of the other animals in order to engage their prey.

12. Very few are the tiger that eat human flesh.

13. Tiger sputum is an antiseptic, so it works to heal its wounds.

14. A Tiger roars to make contact with another Tiger.

15. Tiger does not attack humans until they feel any threat to human beings.

Tigers Facts 16 to 20

16. Tigers mostly like to live in the area they have set for themselves.

17. There are small species of female tigers live in a male tiger area on which the only male tiger has the right.

18. Tigers do not open their eyes in the first week of their birth.

19. The memory of Tiger is more than all the animals along with humans.

20. Tiger memory is 100 times higher than dogs.

Tigers Facts 21 to 26

21. Tiger can run at a speed of about 60 kilometers per hour.

22. White tigers usally have blue eyes.

23. Female tiger pregnancy is 3.5 months, it gives birth to three or four children at once.

24. Tiger can eat 27 kg of meat at a time.

25. To increase the awareness of the growing population of Tigers and its conservation, on July 29, Tiger Day is celebrated all over the world. To prevent the dwindling population of tigers, this day is observed internationally to protect and preserve the surviving species of tigers.

26. Tiger roar can also be heard from a distance of 2 kilometers in the night.

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