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Are you looking for Snake Facts and excited to know about Snake. Then you are welcome in this post. Here you will get very intresting and unknown facts about snakes.

Many countless snakes are found on earth. Some of which are very beautiful to see, and some snakes are horrific and even dangerous. But you must be surprised to know that only a few snakes found on earth are poisonous. Some of them are found in Africa and America.

So let's know some interesting facts about snakes.

Know These 44 Intresting Snake Facts

Snake Facts

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1. Snakes require less water than other animals. The snake acquires the water of his need only from hunting.

2. It has been revealed from a study that more than half of the people who die of snake bite, not because of the poison of snakes, but also the fear of snake bites.

3. Spitting Cobra is a snake in the world, which can leave the poison on his prey like spray at a distance of 3.4 meters.

4. The chopped head of snake lives alive for one hour. If the chopped head bites you then you may die.

5. Snakes takes off their entire skin at least 3 times a year.

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6. Snake never destroys their poison in vain, because they have to work hard to make poison. The snake uses poison for hunting and for their protection.

7. The species of snakes is one of the few species of animals that live on this planet since the time of dinosaurs

8. Do you know that all the snakes in the world do not give eggs, some of them also produce baby.

9. The snake island located in Brazil is the only place in the world where there are more amount of toxic snakes found. At least 5 to 6 snakes are found in every square meter.

Snake Facts

10. There are many such institutions in the world who keep the poisonous snakes and those people take poison from those snakes and make medicines from those poisons. These medicines are treated with diseases such as cancer.

Snake Facts 6 to 10

11. Most snakes are not dangerous for humans, but they help in keeping the earth's eco system right.

12. The world's most poisonous snake has Inland tipan. If it bites someone, then he dies in 30 to 45 minutes.

13. The length of snake keeps growing throughout the age. As the age of the snake goes up, it keeps on increasing slowly.

14. According to the World Health Organization, about 2.8 million people in India are bitten by snakes, and out of which 46900 people are died every year due to snake bite. Click HERE for more information.

15. The world's most sensible snake is King Cobra. She does not leave any of her eggs, rather she protects them until it is born.

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16. By the way snake is a poisonous animal. But if he bites himself, then he dies also, it has happened with many serpents.

17. Snakes can vomit with their own will. They does that when they feels threatened. By doing so, their weight gets reduced and they may either run away or come in the position of attack.

18. Snakes often go more hot spots so that they can heat up their body and make them feel a little bit faster. If the temperature of the snake falls below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, then they becomes quite slow and their body stops working.

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19. Because snakes do not chew their prey and they swallow directly, therefore they have a special power to spread their jaws.By doing this they raise their mouth ten times bigger, and for this reason they also eat the big animals themselves.

20. Death header is the world's fastest attacking snake. It also takes bite in the 15th part of the second, and also leaves his poison and comes back to his attack position. They attack so fast that we need a slow motion camera to see their attack motion.

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21. Some species of snakes are also those with more than 200 teeth. These teeth are not meant to chew but instead turn inwards. So that the victim can be swallowed comfortably and the prey can not even run.

22. There are 5 species of snakes that can fly. They jumps on a tree like a skydiver and flies 300 to 400 feet away.

23. Most of the snakes in the world run away after biting or find a way to escape. But one of these poisonous snakes is found in Africa, the black mamba which is not bite once, rather 12 times.

24. Although snakes do not have ears, it does not mean that the snake is deaf. The back of the snake's skin has some of the ears on which he can hear a little voice. However, the sound of a very low frequency reaches the snake, which is equal to no. But still the snake recognizes the vibration in the air with the help of skin, and with the help of his tongue they also recognise the changes in the air.

25. There are three thousand species of snakes on the earth, out of which 750 toxic snake. Of which two and a half hundred are such, whose poison can kill a man.

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26. It is believed about snakes that if they survive for 100 years then the gem starts shining on their heads. But many people catching snakes have denied this. This is just the imagination of Nagmani.

27. There is a big popular belief about snakes that they take revenge for the death of their partner. The eyes of the snakes are like the camera, so that the picture of the person who killed the snake gets his picture in the eye.

Seeing this picture, the snake take revenge. While this is not true. There is no camera in the eyes of a snake, nor does it have the ability to take revenge for his partner' death.

28. The snakes flying in the air do not actually fly. They jump in the style of flying from some tree to another tree.

29. If ever the snake lags behind you, then do not run straightly because, if you run straight then snake will be catch you easily.

30. In the world, Ireland is a place where snakes are not found at all.

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31. Although thousands of snakes are found in the world, only 30 snakes are those whose bites can cause death.

32. Many snakes have two heads and one head fights to eat from another heads.

33. The world's 10 most dangerous snakes are found in Australia.

34. Snakes keep their eyes open while sleeping, because they do not have eyelids.

35. In case of snake length it can range from 10 centimeters to 6.95 meters long.

Snake Facts 36 to 40

36. You can scare away any snake from that. But there are some snakes that attack instead of fleeing. One of them is king cobra.

37. King cobra and rettle snake are two snakes that raise the sound when they feel threatened. When you try to go to them, they will alert you by making a strange.

38. The snakes who lived in water they use their skin for breath.

39. Female snakes are much larger than male snakes.

40. Some female snakes are also those who swallow male snakes after sex. This snakes facts are very intresting.

Snake Facts 41 to 44

41. The snake venom contains such neuro toxic poisons that one of their bites stops working the heart, the brain, and paralyzes the person.

42. The hollow part of the rettle snake's tail collides with a speed of 50 times each other.

43. The poison of many snakes is so poisonous that if they bite a person or an animal, then in a matter of hours, the poison smelts their body parts, meat and bones.

44. There are also few snakes that can stay hungry for many days.One of them is king cobra. (Snake Facts)

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