51 Human Body Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Human Body Facts:

How much do we know about our body? As these questions arise, there is a sense of what can be some interesting facts and information related to the human body.

Human body is the world's greatest wonder. God has made it with great details and strengths. And today we will tell you some human body facts, which after knowing you will be surprised and you will be proud on your body. (Human Body Facts)

Human Body Facts

51 Human Body Facts

1. The heart of every human beats 72 beats in one minute, and beats about 103680 times in a day. And in our lifetime, i.e., at the age of 70, human hearts are throbbing almost 3 billion times.

2. Women's heart and brain are smaller than men. The average weight of women's heart is 2800 grm and the weight of the brain is 1150 grams. However, the weight of these two organs of men is 50 to 75 grm more than women's organs.

3. The juice formed in the stomach, digested food, and it is hydrochloric acid. It is so fast that this acid can easily smelt the blade. This is the reason that there is no bacterial infection occur through the stomach.

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4. You will be surprised to hear that the cells that make up the vagina of the woman, the cells are also in the mouth of a human.

5. Our lungs do a very important job. You will not believe, but our lungs filter about 2000000 liter air every day.

Human Body Facts 6 to 10

6. The human brain uses only 10 to 12 watt of energy. I.e. as much as an LED bulb. But its storage capacity is unlimited and a man stores about 10-13 bytes of data in the entire lifetime. Whereas yogi and spiritually advanced people's brain can save more information than 1013 byte.

7. We all make saliva equal to two pools in our lifetime. Saliva that works to make food delicious and digested.

8. Human's body grows up to 1 cm in the morning compared to the whole day.

9. Human beings all over the world are such a creature who cried heavily when imotional.

10. White colored people have more heart attack than black colored humans.

Human Body Facts 11 to 15

11. About 5.6 liters of blood is found in the human body. Which runs so fast that every 20 seconds it rotates in the entire body. You may not believe it, but our blood travels around 15 kilometers daily in our body.

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12. If a person's lungs are spread to the surface then the area is as much as it is on a tennis court.

13. Dust and soil particle in our home are mostly made up of our death skin.

14. You will be surprised to hear that in the millions of creatures in this earth, humans and dolphins only have sex for fun. All the other creatures have sex to produce children.

15. Man spends 33 percent of his life in sleeping.

Human Body Facts 16 to 20

16. According to the scientist, jerms do not spread by kissing anybody. More jerms spread by shaking hands with anyone.

17. Out of the seven billion populations of the world, only four people are there who live longer than 116 years.

18. It is impossible to make a camera better than a human eyes, because our eyes are 576 megapixels which can detect almost 1 million different colors very easily. Whereas in this world there is no such camera that can identify 1 million different colors.

19. It is impossible for any human to keep his eyes open while sneezing.

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20. People say that no work in the world is impossible, can you lick your elbows with your mouth? Nobody can do this.

Human Body Facts 21 to 25

21. The most powerful muscle in our body is our tongue.

22. There are more than one hundred billion nerve cells in our brain.It works to send important instructions to the other parts of our body with a speed of 400 kilometers per hour. That is, if there is a injury in our body somewhere, then our body can detect with a speed of 400 kilometers, which part of the body has been hurt.

23. Enzymes found in human body digest food. But do you know that this enzymes begin to digest its body after the person dies and this is the reason that after a few hours of dying the body starts to smell.

24. Men also have glands that can produce Milk but its production presents an abnormality for the male body. This can occur when too much of the hormone on prolactin is produced. This might be the result of starting kinds of medical treatment used to stimulate the heart.

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25. After the age of 25, the cells of the human brain starts destroying and the brain becomes shrunk by shrinking. This is the reason that the remembering power of the elderly continues to weaken, although the brain cells begin to get destroyed after the age of 25 but not so fast.

Human Body Facts 26 to 30

26. Man's brain is not fully concrete but it has 80% water. Man's mind can not experience pain in itself, and there are more than one million chemical reactions all the time in the human brain.

27. Human eye can distinguish up to 10 million different colours but our brain can't remember all of them.

28. Our body is weakest between 3:00 and 4:00 am in the morning. This is the reason that most people die in the middle of the morning at 4:00 am.

29. By the way everyone says that no person can not survive for more days without eating. But no person can live for 11 days without sleeping.

30. You probably do not know that our nose is a natural air conditioner. That is, like the A.C. in the house, Which cools the hot air, and heat the cold air And transmits air to the lungs. It does this so that in the cold days, our lungs will not get settled.

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Human Body Facts 31 to 35

31. You will be surprised to know that the ears of a human being grow on life with almost unbelievable speed.

32. Our body produces about 25 million new cells per second. About 200 billion blood cells form every day. 125 million cells are found in a drop blood.

33. You might think that the fingers of all the fingers grow from a similar speed. But that does not happen The thumb nail grows most slowly, while the middle finger finger nails are the fastest growing speed.

34. The most strong organ in our body is our teeth. Human teeth are strong like rocks, but other parts of our body repair themselves. While a problem comes in tooth, then the teeth can not repair themselves and they constantly become weak.

35. The little finger of human hands alone gives 50% contribution in the power of his whole hand. If you lift 10 kg weight with one hand then 5 KG raises a little finger alone.

Human Body Facts 36 to 40

36. When a person is born then his body does not have 206 bones but it is 300 bones. But by reaching the age of 18, the number of our body bones goes up to 206. Because the whole bones grow and start joining, And when we grow full then our bones become 206.

37. The liver is the largest internal organ of our body. It is the only organ that can be completed again after its part is cut or destroyed.

38. Man's skull is produced from different bones. 

39. Human hair and nails continue to grow even after its death.

40. Human hair can lift 500 times more weight than its weight.

Human Body Facts 41 to 45

41. Right-handwriting people live more than those who write with left hand. 

42. Humans are one such creature from all living beings who sleeps on their backs.

43. A single hair has the power to hang an apple. However scientist don’t specify the dimensions of the Apple.

44 . The number of bacteria in a person's mouth is equal to the number of people living on earth or even more.

45. Almost all people in the world have special mites on their eyelashes called demodex.

Human Body Facts 46 to 51

46. Women cry at average of 30 to 64 times a year and men cry just 6 to 17 times.

47. Boys have fewer taste buds on the surface of their tongues than goes do.

48. If the bacteria of our body are collected together, it weighs will about 4 pounds.

49. There is a lot of iron in our body, and we can make an Iron Nail from this iron.

50. One out of eight people snore while sleeping at night and one in ten rubles their teeth together.

51. Human body blood is 6 times more dense than water.

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