You Will Be Surprised By Knowing These Facts About Sun

Facts About Sun:

All of you will know how important the sun is for us. Whatever organism on earth is living with joy, its only reason is that the sun. Whether it is human or animal, no creature can survive without sunlight.

But do you know about some unknown facts about sun? If you do not know then today, we will told you about some facts about sun and in the end you will also know how the sun will be destroyed.

To know all those facts, read this post till the end. (Facts About Sun)

Let's Know The Unknown Facts About Sun

Facts About Sun

Facts About Sun 1 to 5

1. Sun is the greatest power of our solar system.

2. Sun, a huge furnace of thermo-nuclear explosions in which there is a terrible explosion of energy every moment, and the energy equal to 12 Mount Everest goes out of the sun every second and spreads into space.

3. If the sun's light does not come out on Earth for one day, then the whole earth will turn into ice.

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4. 72 percent of the Sun is hydrogen, 26 percent partly helium and 2 percent is composed of carbon and other heavy items like oxygen and iron, in which the plasma material boils at a temperature of millions of degrees.

5. There are terrible explosions on the surface of the Sun all the time. The heat and radiation emanating from it and spreads to millions of miles in space.

Facts About Sun 6 to 11

6. Sun is the brightest star. The 10 million billion neutron left by the sun passes through our body every day.

7. The sun comes in the category of yellow stars due to the yellow color and small appearance of its surface. But the small size of the sun is smaller than the other stars of the universe. But there is no one above this in our solar system.

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8. The sun is very hot and its light takes 8 minutes and 17 seconds to reach the Earth.

9. The sun is the only major star in our solar system, which has fallen from many planets, moons and meteors. It is a huge reservoir of both heat and energy. Whose surface temperature is only 5,600 celsius and produces 380,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 meghawatta of energy.

10. The Sun has just revolted around the galaxy only 20 times. It takes 25 million years to complete one round.

11. Earth completes one round of its axis in 24 hours. On the other side, sun takes 24 days to complete one round of its axis.

Let's know how the sun will be destroyed (Facts About Sun)

Facts About Sun

Sun is a shining star of our solar system, which will not always give such light. It will also end one day, after about 1 billion year, our sun will start shining 40% more from now, by which the water of all the oceans of our Earth will boil and become steam and fly into space.

According to scientists, after about 5.30 billion years, hydrogen inside our sun will end. Because of which the action of nuclear fusion will end. It will start to cool down and its gravitational force will start becoming weak.

In this state, the inner part of the sun will start shrinking, which will cause a lot of heat in it. These heat will warm the hydrogen in the inner part.

This will cause the neuclear fusion to begin again and its core temperature will again be crores of degrees. Because of which the outer cover of the sun will start spreading, and the sun will increase thousands of times more than its actual size and it become red.

This condition of the sun is called Red Giant. At that time it would be so big that it would swallow planets like Mercury and Venus along with the Earth. At that time, if the earth escapes from the Sun, then the temperature on earth will become so high that every thing on earth will change into lava and at that time there will be no life on earth.

After hundreds of millions of years the outer surface of the sun will become so intense that there will be a fierce explosion in it and all the fluid will be scattered in space. But its warm core will be safe, which will be of the shape of the earth.

This cored will gradually cool down and become ash, and at that time our solar system will become cold and completely transformed into darkness. In this way our sun will end.

But we do not need to be afraid anymore because there is a million years left for this to happen.

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