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What is Meditation:

What is meditation

Meditation is a way that makes us feel better in our life, it not only contributes to our mental peace but also plays a role in achieving the purpose of our lives, but many people is not known about meditation that what meditation is and how to do meditation, and they all remain deprived of its importance.

In today's time, every person is mentally disturbed and this is the reason for their sadness and unrest in their life. And this is why sometimes they have very much pain in their head and due to stress, they do not get happiness in their life.

Meditation gives the mind and body the power to work in a positive way. Which is directly related to happiness.

Meditation also reduces the stress of your brain. This makes your mind more calm and happy. Meditation is a way to meditate in which you have to meditate on one object, whether it is on your breath or on music.

There are many types of meditation, but the real purpose of doing all kinds of meditation is to achieve satisfaction, concentration and happiness.

Meditation does not just make you mentally happy but also makes body physically healthy and beautiful.

In this article, you will learn about meditation and its types as well as some other things related to meditation.

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What is Meditation

What is Meditation

Meditation is a process that teaches you to control your dynamic minds and thoughts and also teaches us to recognizes the infinite powers within ourselves.

It awakens our awarness, so that we can know ourselves. Meditation trains us to become extraordinary from to the ordinary person. It teaches us to control thoughts and makes us feel better.

Inside every human being there are some such forces that can change their entire life, but they run away in the race of this worldly life in such a way that they themselves do not fully realize that the purpose of their life is ?

Oso says that meditation is like a boon for humanity, because with meditation, we can treat diseases as well, which are difficult to treat.

Meditation is a process that have to focuses on any objects, or on our breath. During meditation the eyes have to be closed and concentrate on one thing, object, music or breath. Doing this is a bit difficult in the beginning. For concentration, you should practice meditation for the first few days.

The purpose of meditation should not really be to get any benefit, but even with its help, the human being can achieve their goal by focusing on its purpose.

As we said earlier, the basic purpose of meditation is to maintain compassion, love, patience, generosity, forgiveness, etc. in the mind of man.

What is The Meaning of Meditation

Meditation means concentration. Concentration is like torchlight, which has to be centered only in one place.  Meditation is like a bulb which spreads light in every direction.

Meditation is a technic that we have to do by giving our whole mind and our focus on anything. For example, Thomas Alva Edison is making a bulb and while making a bulb, if his mind moves on to something else, then we do not call it meditation.

But if Thomas Alva Edison is preparing a bulb, and his whole concentration is just and just trying to make that bulb, then we call that concentration as meditation.

In short, to do any work from concentration, and to sitting quietly in a place and close the eyes and consontrate on one thing is only called meditation.

I suggest you to read this post - (Basic Definition of Meditation) where you will find the complete definition of meditation, and where you will also know about two kind of meditation.

Form of Meditation

There are innumerable imaginations and thoughts in our mind, and it keeps uproar in our mind and brain. We do not want it, but it keeps going and we constantly make ourselves even more vulnerable.

But meditation is a way in which we have to remove unnecessary imagination and ideas from the mind and go into pure silence.

As the meditation becomes deep, the person's self becomes self-conscious. At that moment there is no effect on any kind of imagination and bad ideas on him.

Often people understand that meditation is a action which is done by closing the eyes in front of a statue. But in reality this is not so.

Meditation means only knowing your inner soul and yourself. Living in thoughts, imagination and happiness and misery of the past is against meditation.

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Problem of During Meditation

So you have decided that you will meditate but in reality you will be able to do? This is not so easy to do. But if you try for a few days you will definitely be able to meditate.

Whenever you sit to meditate, you will definitely have some unknown thoughts in your mind. Whenever you close your eyes, you will see many strange faces or some weird things in front of your eyes. 

That time you run away from those things, but that things will keep coming  again and again. And it's common to be all this. Now comes the question of how to meditate?

For this, you will have to read my story, which will help you with many things.

What is Meditation

In the beginning it is not so easy to meditate. When I first started meditating, Then at that time I could not concentrate my mind on one place. 

I did a lot of research in this subject and then I started listening to the meditating music (click here to get meditation music). My mind and head began to calm down after listening to the meditation music. 

On that first day I had a different feeling inside myself. I gradually came to know that to meditating, firstly we have to completely calm our mind and body. Therefore, I started meditating every day sitting in a quiet place.

After about 1 month of meditation, I felt a lot of changes inside myself. My mind and my body were completely calm. It seemed that a different consciousness has originated inside me and then I was relealised that what benefits we get from meditation.

You can also calm your mind and body by meditating like me. Meditation is also easy and difficult too, but if you can concentrate then it will be easy for you.

But for that you have to consult a specialist. Because before you do anything, you must have complete knowledge of it, otherwise it can also have a bad effect.

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Now The Question is How to Meditate?

To meditate, you should sit back comfortably and start paying attention to an object or even your breath.

In the beginning, your mind will roam but do not try to wander off. At that time, focus your mind and all your senses in one object or breath.

Forget the past, do not suppress any emotion or idea and let them move forward. By doing so your mind will return to meditate on its purpose.

Now your mind will gradually calm down and your mind will grow towards a light. As you will immerse your mind in that light, your body will become numb. You will feel like you are at some other place. But to go to that situation, you have to practice a lot.

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Watch this video to know more deeply.

Benefits of Meditation

1. For Stressless Life

By practicing daily meditation you will get peace of mind and you will get peace of mind in everything you do.

Each day you will have a different experience. So do not think about the past time, nor about tomorrow, because doing so will ruin your present.

Man's life is full of stress which affects our day-to-day activities. Meditation helps to reduce stress by affecting the nervous system in your body.

Meditation reduces the production of hormones related to stress like cortisol, and increases the production of good chemicals such as serotonin.

2. Helps in Balancing The Brain

Due to daily engagement, it is very common to deteriorate the balance of mind. A time comes when your brain stops working because of unbalance.

In such a situation, meditation shows us the right and wrong about ourselves. By doing this, every person gets to know about the underlying situation in his mind. It removes the confusion of the mind.

3. Control Over Anger

It is often with you that your mind becomes turbulent and you get very angry, so meditation is very important to you. It has four elements which help us in different ways.

If you get very angry and sometimes you lose your control, then doing meditation gives you great comfort in your brain. It stimulates consciousness in the body, freshness in mind.

4. For Good Sleep

Deep sleep is very important for proper functioning of the body. When your brain works with greater speed instead of normal , you do not get proper sleep. Regular meditation provides relief in stress and thus improves the quality of sleep.

5. High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is controlled by meditation and headache is also less. Immunity is developed in the body, which is important in fighting any type of disease. Meditation increases stability in the body and this stability strengthens the body.

6. Relieves in Respiratory Diseases

If we do regular meditation, we do not have respiratory diseases. Many diseases associated with breathing, that make people sometimes suffer from breathing, which can be fatal.

Studies show that patients suffering from such diseases get enough respite from breathing meditation.

7. Help in Reducing Weight

Gaining weight due to irregularity in catering has also become a common problem. According to a survey, it is revealed that those who are willing to lose weight, If they meditates with calm mind, then they will get a lot of benefit.

8. The Person's Tolerance Increases

Meditation increases the person's tolerance. Often, we all see that we get distracted by the small difficulty, stress, problems in our lives. Nowadays, people commit suicide only on a small matter.

People get suicidal after having a fight with their wife. We face all minor problems in our life, but this does not mean that we have finished our lives.

Meditation increases the person's tolerance and gives them the power to make right and wrong decisions.

9. Special Benefits to Students

Meditation is especially beneficial for students. The students who meditate daily increase their confidence and memory.

Their attention does not wander on the other side. Students are able to concentrate on their studies.Positiveness remains in mind and thoughts.

Whereby students perform well in studies. They get to learn things faster.

I hope you got some information from this article and if you like this article then definitely share it with your friends.

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