Do You Know About These 40 US Facts?

US Facts:

America is a country that is one of the world's most powerful and developed country. On the basis of its amazing skills and technology, America has become the world's most advanced country today.

And I am glad to tell you that, today I have brought some interesting facts of America (US Facts) that you will know about many things about the American country.

So let's know about all these US facts.

US Facts

US Facts

40 US/ USA Facts That You Should Know

US Facts 1 to 5

1. In America many pizzas are eaten every day so that if those things are laid on the ground, 100 acres of land can be covered with pizza's only.

2. In America, 20% of people die every year due to smoking only cigarettes. Apart from this, America's tennagers can also smoke cigarettes, but no tennagers can not buy cigarettes because it is illegal to do so.

3. There are about 10 million prisoners in the world's jails, out of which 2.5 million prisoners are from the US.

4. More than 1200000 people in the US suffer from HIV.

5. At present, the United States military power and economic power are considered strongest superpower in the world.

US Facts 6 to 10

6. Copy and paste was invented by American Larry Tesler.

7. The GPS system that is used all over the world has been turned on by the American government and the American government can shut it off whenever it wishes.

US Facts

8. In 1984, France gifted  "Statue of liberty", the united states, which is America's most popular Statue.

9. America consumes the most ice cream than any other country in the world.

10. America is considered to be one of the most fat people in the world, and 33% of the US population is much more than average.

US Facts 11 to 15

11. In the United States, 50 billion burgers are eaten every year, which is the highest in the whole world.

12. Of the top ten richest people in the world, seven rich people are from America and besides this, Bill Gates, the world's richest man, is also from the US.

13. America's water force is the largest water force in the world and the air force is at number one.

14. America is considered to be the best country in technology. But in spite of this, 50% credit card fraud in the whole world is in this country.

15. More than 33 million people in the US live their lives in poverty.

US Facts 16 to 20

16. To get citizenship in America, any person has to live in the US for 5 years.

17. 5 percent of Americans have so much money that 50% of the world's people do not even have enough money.

18. America's largest city is New York City.

19. America is known throughout the world according to its technology and culture. The world's largest company Apple Google and Microsoft are also from the US.

20. The United States of America was liberated on July 4, 1776, and in 1787 the USA adopted his constitution.

US Facts 21 to 25

21. The total population of USA is more than three hundred million which is the third largest country in the world after China and India.

22. It is believed that America was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1442.

23. According to a survey, 7% of Americans have accepted the fact that they do not take bath.

24. The whole United States peoples consumes 8 billion meat a year.

25. Apart from English in the US, Spanish, Chinese and French languages are also spoken.

US Facts 26 to 30

26. One in every four people in the US has come to the TV.

27. The popular hot dog and jelly beans invented from the US, and these foods were made for the first time in the US country.

28. America's national animal is the Bald Eagle.

29. Apple's company has more money than the amount of money of America goverment treasury.

30. America's capital is washington DC, and most people in America speak English.

US Facts 31 to 35

31. America is considered to be one of the most fat people in the world, and 33% of the US population is much more than average.

32. There is a total of 31 aircraft carriers all over the world, out of which 19 aircraft carrier America has it.

33. In 1962, America had blust to a hydrogen bomb in space. It is believed that this hydrogen bomb was 100 times more powerful than the Atom bomb that was thrown in Hiroshima.

34. There is a place in South Dakota whose name is Elan. It is America's poorest place and 96% native american live there.

35. One of the 25 teenagers tries to commit suicide in America.

US Facts 36 to 40

36. About 55% of Americans use the Internet.

37. World's largest coal reserves have been found in the United States.

38. America uses the most petroleum as compared to other countries.

39. A 17 year old boy had designed the flag of America.

40. Most cases of divorce are in the US.

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