Do You Know These 32 Intresting Facts About Girls

Facts About Girls

It is not easy to understand girls or women. Many even say that no one has understood them till date and there are many reasons for this.

But today I have brought some interesting facts about girls for you, from which you will know about girls' mood and their behaviour.

Intresting Facts About Girls

Intresting Facts About Girls

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Facts About Girls, 1 to 5

1. You probably do not know that girls' brains are 11 percent smaller than boys. A study of the Netherlands has shown that girls' IQ are 4% less than boys.

2. There is one thing in girls that you probably will not know about. The girls think about their crush all day long. Even in the day, they dream of their crush, but she does not allow this to be revealed to anyone.

3. Girls who have dimples in their waist, their orgasm is quite fast. Although it is genetically more normal.

Facts About Girls

4. Average women eat eighteen hundred kilograms of lipsticks in their entire life, which is extremely dangerous.

5. Recently a study has shown that women are much more afraid to take risks. And this is why women never like to take risks.

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Facts About Girls, 6 to 10

6. It is extremely difficult for any females to stay normal after drinking alcohol. Science believes that alcohol is very dangerous for womens. You must know that drinking excessive alcohol increases the risk of having a boy's liver and brain damage. Similarly, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol increases the risk of liver damage and brain damage to 63% women.

7. Any girl can see more color than any boy. This does not mean that the eyes of the boys are bad. Actually studies believe that the girls brain can understand more than 20% of colors and shapes.

8. Girls feel very bad when someone tells them that they can not do anything. So do not ever say this to girls. If someone call them with their name, then they like it very much.

9. There is also a fact associated with girls, which probably you are unaware of. Girls do not like to hear a word against their favorite person. Because she will never tolerate that someone talks bad about things her boyfriend.

Facts About Girls

10. Women are more sensitive than men. The women are so sensitive that if a boy tells something emotional, then she does not forget that thing in her lifetime.

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Facts About Girls, 11 to 15

11. It is easy to find a pearl from the lap of the ocean, but it is not easy to get into the depth of the woman's mind. What hides in their heart, it does not know anyone. It's not easy to guess when a girl's mood changes.

12. The girl never wants that the other boys know that she is in a relationship and she has a boyfriend. Because if this happens then the other boys will give less importance to her and such a girl does not want at all.

13. Girl does not want anybody else better than her boyfriend. If her friend's boyfriend is good better than her boyfriend, she is very jealous of her friend and tries to break their relation or she search a good boyfriend for herself. This is why most brakeup happens. So whenever you think of making a girl your girlfriend, make her friend your friend first.

14. Girls are twice more talkative than boys.

15. Girls are better than boys at remembering faces.

Facts About Girls, 16 to 20

16. Girls take more time than boys to take their own decisions. And if they takes any decision then they remains stuck on it.

17.  Female have slower breathing rate in comparison to men.

Facts About Girls

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18. Females are better at multitasking than males.

19. Women process information and thoughts more repidly than man.

20. International Women's Day is celebrated on 8 March.

Facts About Girls, 21 to 25

21. This was the first time in history that in the Olympics there were more women than men in America's team. There were 259 women and 261 men in the 2012 Olympic team.

22. Friends have often been seen that girls are always ready to sacrifice for their partner or their closest people. No matter how much pain she is with that sacrifice, she never thinks about that sacrifice.

23. There is a law in Saudi Arabia that if a husband does not give coffee to his wife, then she can divorce him.

24. If your girlfriends or your partner always makes arugument to you, then it is a good thing for you. Because the psychologist explains that the girl always takes care of her closest people. They think about them, keep track of their small things, and when you do something that is wrong for you then she makes arugument from you. So that you do not harm yourself by doing any wrong work.

Facts About Girls

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25. The psychologist explains that whenever you talk about something that is very close to the heart of the girl, then tears in her eyes are coming soon.

Facts About Girls, 26 to 30

26. Psychologists say that if we ask for any suggestions from a girl, she also helps you by going out of the world. And asking advice from them increases your importance in their life.

27. The record of giving birth to most children is the name of a Russian woman who had 69 children. Of these, seven were born together and 7 were twins and the rest were one each.

28. According to the researcher, the fragrance of the new born child stimulates women too much. This stimulus is equal to the victim of any drug addicted.

29. The first time women got the chance to participate the Olympic Games in 1900.

30. Women can keep any secret talk under control only for 40 hours and 15 minutes. After that he shares that matter with any of his friends.

Facts About Girls, 31 to 32

31. Girls feel as good as talking dirty things, as boys like it.

32. According to a research, girls can leave their 1 year only by thinking of which clothes they want to wear. And with her look, she thinks at least 9 times a day.

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